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Channel 7 WILL NOT air Stamp Kiatniwat Vs Lebron II live


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We don't like bad news, but today we got some.


That news is that the highly anticipated rematch between unbeaten Stamp Kiatniwat (14-0, 6) [ขวัญไทย ศิษย์หมอเส็ง] and heavy handed Dominican Gregorio Lebron (13-3, 11) will not be televised live tomorrow as originally reported.


The story first came to our attention during Thursday's rematch between Knockout CP Freshmart (12-0, 6) [น็อคเอาท์ ซีพีเฟรชมาร์ท] and Carlos Buitrago (28-2-1-1, 16), though we put it down to an over-sight on behalf of Channel 7's website, which had replaced the time-slot reserved for the Kiatniwat/Lebron with a tape delay broadcast of an FA Cup game, between Colchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. It turns out however it wasn't an over-sight by the channel, but instead an issue of business.



Issues force Stamp Kiatniwat and Gregorio Lebron off live TV - Asian Boxing

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