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We moan about dodgy opponents but what about...


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Jose Antonio Aguirre (35-9-1) who challenges Gilberto Keb Baas (34-20-4) for the WBC Light Flyweight title this weekend?


Baas was lucky but Aguirre has gone 2-7 in his last 9. That includes losses in 4 title fights (2 WBC Light Flyweight, 1 WBA Light Flyweight and 1 IBF Light Flyweight) and the run extends over 6 years.


Aguirre's 2 wins have come against:

Francisco Soto (8-16-3 going in) by Split decision and Javier Romano (4-5-1 going in). He's fought just once since October 2008


He's been stopped in 3 of those title fights (Eric Ortiz, Roberto Vasquez and Ulises Solis)....


dreadful fight.

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Hadn't heard of either of these guys tbh but they are in a few prediction leagues so now I know who to go for without the boxrecing. grin//


A lil shocked you didn't recognise Keb Baas, he won a title in one of the biggest upsets of last year, though I think it was around the same time as Woods and Litzau both upset the odds.

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