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How long will the Klitschkos be around for??

Joe Ko

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Just watching some old fights and heard Vitali saying he wants the record Hopkins wants, to be oldest world champ, can he really do that? Plus Wlad is still young he could go on for few more years.


With no real threat accept from Haye that will end this year with Haye retiring, this Klitschko domination could easily go on for another 4+ years with no real eye catching prospects coming through the ranks.


Thats why I want Solis and mainly Haye to pull a big upset this year.

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Wladimir has a few more miles left on the clock while Vitali for me is slowing right down but at the moment nobody around to take advantage. Will be interesting to see how Solis does.


I think the very same.

He's slowing down, and showing signs of actually being hurt recently.

He WILL go on too long, and he will eventually be stopped, but his workrate and power are enough to put off most fighters from making a real attempt at it.


Wlad will be difficult for anyone to beat, because he's far tighter in defence. He knows his weaknesses and he hides them beautifully.

It's not fun to watch, but it will be a thousand times harder for someone to make an impact fighting him, because 90% of what Wlad does is to counter or stop his opponents offence.


Solis is a good indicator for Vitali. There's not many others around right now who can take advantage of his clear decline.

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This year we should see how it will pan out, Its is hardest fights for Klitschko this year, with them fightin Adamek and Solis and hoppefully Haye.


Can you name top prospects in the division under ten fights or not even pro yet??







Thats all I think of really

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Camarelle ought to be a prospect, but he's getting on in years, has had a long amateur career and I'm not sure he even has any intention of turning pro.


He's good but needs to turn pro asap if he wants any kind of a career.


Lots of UK talent it seems

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Kimbo Slice is turning Pro supposidly. He's one to watch.


I'd watch him, but hasn't he been KO'd a few times? Don't know how he would do on the pro circuit, but the man is a back yard animal.


I'm hoping for an upset somewhere for the K-bros. My money was on Chisora pulling it off.....

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