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The end is near for boxing judging by this news


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Tickets for the hotly anticipated boxing showdown between undefeated junior welterweight champions Tim Bradley and Devon Alexander are moving like coldcakes--no, make that frozen cakes--at the Pontiac Silverdome, site of the bout which is being televised by HBO.


An inflamed source told me at noon Thursday that a not so grand total of 339 tickets have been sold for the match between the world champ from St. Louis, Alexander, and the one from California (Bradley).


Tickets range from a $25 bottom to a $400 ringside top and have been on sale since Dec. 10.


The 80,000-seat arena, which recently sold for the price of a modest house and is the former home of the NFL Detroit Lions, will be cordoned off for a cozy, 7,000-seat setup.


"The first four rows at ringside are being given away, those seats go to Don King and Gary Shaw (co-promoters) and to HBO and its guests. You can only buy tickets from the fifth row back," my source said Thursday afternoon.


Chances are we will never the honest count on paid attendance in both dollars and rear ends in the seats who did not get in free as Michigan keeps such information private by law.


Maybe Wikileaks can come up with it, it's beyond me.


There was some insanity to selecting this neutral venue but Shaw and King got some glad tidings Wednesday as their promised $600,000 site fee came through albeit a few days late.


Had the bout been held in St. Louis, a 12,000-seat venue figured to sell out in a short time.


Perhaps, this being near Motor City Detroit, they expect a huge "drive up" at the last minute.




I have no words.

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cant say im surprised, the fight never belonged in detroit. king and shaw jumped at the ridiculous site fee. so expect silence and shadows on the HBO telecast, probably draining the life out of the fight.


maybe i should drive up to detroit to support this important fight. but then again, i dont really feel like getting shot.

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