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Brook’s Pacquiao and Khan dilemma


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Sheffield welterweight Kell Brook may be one notch off a world championship since securing the WBO interim belt but despite being mandatory challenger for Manny Pacquiao’s title, a showdown with the PacMan is highly unlikely, and the undefeated fighter has now turned his attentions to Amir Khan.


Brook, who is slowly making a name for himself in the UK, is still outside the radar of US boxing and from a promoter's point of view is ultimately not a big enough star to take on pound-for-pound king Pacquiao. The Filipino, who also holds the WBC light-middleweight title, will defend his WBO welterweight title against Shane Mosley on May 7 and, should he win, a likely scenario is that he would vacate the belt if the WBO ordered a mandatory defence against Brook.


Promoter Frank Warren has called on the 24-year-old to be patient and instead turn his attention on former amateur opponent Amir Khan, whose next fight will take place in the UK after two successful defences of his WBA light-welterweight title in the US.


Warren has already offered Khan a multi-million dollar deal to move up to welterweight and step into the square ring with Brook. However, Khan laughed off the proposition claiming that he used to beat up Brook in sparring, to which Brook has replied.


“Believe me, it was always the other way around,” said Brook, whose record stands at 23-0 (16 KOs).


"I couldn't believe it when I read what Khan had been saying - maybe all those punches he took against Maidana have had an effect on his memory.


“We used to do a bit together when we were both in the amateurs, and I showed him up every time we got in the ring together. Amir's come on a bit since then, but then so have I.”


Brook is eager to set the record straight and after watching Khan defend his title against Maidana in a back and forth clash, feels he could finish the night early.


"I'd seriously love it if Frank Warren could get this fight on because we could settle it once and for all. I watched Khan's last fight against Maidana. Fair play to him because he soaked up some punishment to hold on to his title.


"But Maidana showed that Khan's chin hasn't improved much since he went to Freddie Roach. He can take a shot better, but he still gets clipped and hurt. I feel that I've got the power to take him out of there. One clean shot on his chin is all that I need to land."


Brook may yet have to bide his time to get a shot at his old foe after Lamont Peterson emerged as the front runner to face Khan in the spring. The 26-year-old Peterson is coming off the back of a draw with Victor Ortiz in a fight which saw him down twice in the third round on the undercard of Khan v Maidana.


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Kell hasn't really done anything to deserve a shot. I agree with Wheels, he needs to fight a serious contender first because, for all we know, he could just be all flash and no substance.


Those skills need to be put to the test before he thinks about a world title shot.


Thinking of him facing Khan is one thought, thinking about him facing Pacquiao is quite another and a hillarious one.

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Team Brook is going the correct route, attaching the name of their charge to world champions and marquee names, thus firmly establishing the name and current record of "Kell Brook" in the minds of fans and those behind the scenes as a potential commodity. Maybe soon we'll even see a letter splashed around the web, written by "Brook" and challenging a top name directly. No doubt he has yet to earn a title shot but rocking the boat and raising a hand might just get things rolling.
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Yes, Brook would be best advised looking at another champion. Beating the number one contender with another body, as Honeyghan did with Shufford, would be a good route too.


Exactly...but the old trick of attaching the name of an up and comer to well known fighters is being played here, no doubt. Brook needs to develop and it isn't going to happen in camp if he is being brought-in as cannon fodder.

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Brook definitely needs to step up his competition. That's a given. But, not against guys like Khan and Pacquiao just yet. He needs to fight a few TOP 10 ranked guys first, not TOP 3 ranked guys.


IMO, Brook will never be better placed to beat Khan than he is right now.

He packs a decent amount of speed himself, and has the potential to catch and hurt Khan.

He isn't as fast as Khan, but if he can make Amir respect him early on, then there's no telling how the fight would go.

I think Pacquiao would have him out early, and with all due respect to Brook, he was one of the best prospects in world boxing 2-3 years ago and hasn't done near enough since.

Not necessarily all his fault, but he's well beyond the stages of fringe guys, and needs to just get his head down and get on with it, before father time catches up with him and takes the speed and reflexes away...

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It's annoying when you have prospects calling out established fighters - especially when that fighter isn't even in the same division as you.These guys just pad their records,fight no genuine top ten contenders and then get a shot at one of the four world titles.
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