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Did Any of You See Hops Take Pascal's Belt?

Johnny Walker

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Wondering what you all thought of that little charade a few days ago in Quebec City. Hopkin's took Pascal's belt and the two came nose to nose.


What did you all see, if you saw it. What did you all see transpire...silently... between the two?


I thought I saw something key, but am not sure.


What did you see?

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I never like Hopkins. His fight with an old and faded RJJ made me dislike him all the more.

the theatrics about being hit in the back of the head with a tap and falling on the floor like he was hit with an anvil.

He is not that smart to try and play mind games.

Someone for several years would have to explain to him the importance of having the psychological advantage in the match and things to do to have it.

Hopkins being Hopkins.

Why has he not fought, Cloud, Dawson before he was beat, Bute????

He's a douche bag.

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I love Hopkins, I hope the old man does it. He deserves it and would be a fitting end to his career.


You can't read too much into the hype and build up, IMO, but if we had to it demonstrates that Hopkins is very capable of getting under Pascal's skin and may have won the psychological edge.

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