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The Boxing Book thread - Recommendations


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Yeah, Lee is a nice guy. He was talking to me about his book today after the BC show ended. Sounds like a very good read.


This week i bought:


- The sweet science - A.J Liebling.

- Boxing’s greatest fighters - Bert Sugar

- Come Out Writing: A Boxing Anthology - Bill Hughes & Patrick King

- The Ringside Book of Boxing - O. F. Snelling

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Lee Groves seems to have a photographic memory. He just reels off facts and figures and knowledge on fighters and the sport every time we are in the BillyC TalkinBoxing Radio (Paltalk) Chatroom.


Boxrec should hire him and ask him to complete their encyclopaedic sections. Alot of work needs to be done but he'd probably whizz through it. grin//

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Gonna get a book as the prize for the BUD KO CUP so will study this topic for the best book.

A book token would be a better idea Rob, there are so many of us that read boxing books you bound to buy the one that the winner has already read


Good idea Tel, Maybe even see if Amazon do something like that as their prices seem alot cheaper than traditional bookstores. Also alot more variety.

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A book that is so riveting Im sure a reader with no interest in boxing would be transfixed by it.

The book is about the careers of both Johnny Owen & Lupe Pintor leading up to their fight and its horrible aftermath.

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i'm knew here, and little on the lazy side so i haven't read the whole thread, but any thread i see like this i have to mention both of aj lieblings boxing books "The Sweet Science" and "A Neutral Corner" as must reads, as well as budd schulbergs "Ringside"


on my reading list is pierce egans "Boxiana" which liebling mentions over and over

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Finally had delivered some Sonny Liston books. The original order was made at Christmas and when chasing up the order recently was told that the book was no longer available - only for the seller to readvertise it for £60.


But I got two books instead - Sonny Liston - Night Train and Dancin' with Sonny liston (which seems to be on different subjects)

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I started reading a good book called From The Fields To The Garden by Stitch Duran, who's been one of the best cutmen in the business. A lot of the book deals with UFC, which he's been working the last few years along with Boxing, but the stories are still great.
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Re: The Boxing Book thread - Recommendations


Currently reading http://ecimages.kobobooks.com/Image.ashx?imageID=OXRhXPmZvkCJy8-W8MEC0w&Type=Full


It is from the perspective of the writer, Elliot Worsell. Elliot started out as an online writer and poster on Eastsideboxing. Overtime he befriend Haye and Booth and became an important part of their team.


Everyone knows I'm a big fan of 'The hayemaker' but I think this is a book that any boxing fan would enjoy as it is an honest and insightful account of Haye and also a look into online writing.

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Re: The Boxing Book thread - Recommendations


Got a signed copy from Mick today, its very good and loads of guys i never heard about.







Mick Hill has recently produced a worthy book on the English Prize Ring. For those of you that don't know Mick, he has long held an interest in boxing, and in particular, the days of bare-knuckle fighting. Mick has produced a 200-page book on the prominent boxers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and he has ensured that many of the lesser-known names of this period are included, in the form of mini-biographies.


There are nearly 80 pugilists featured within the book and some of them will be new to even the most fervent follower of boxing during the bare-knuckle age. Two of the first three names included within the book, for instance, are Tom Pipes and Bill Gretting, and it is a welcome change to see the stories of men such as these recorded.


As well as producing a page on each boxer which describes their achievements Mick has also taken the trouble to produce their fighting record and virtually all of them also have an illustration. Another welcome addition is the inclusion of the nickname, and so many of these boxers were well-known by their nickname. As an example, the exploits of Jeremy Massey aka "The Stunted Lifeguardsman" can be followed on page 184 and, as well as the biographical details relating to his career, which are spread across two pages, one call also see full details of his fight record. 18 contests are listed for the period between 1842 and 1856 and one will find that Massey was once proclaimed the "Best in the land at Featherweight".


It is a nice little book and would be a welcome addition to the bookshelves of a boxing bibliophile. The price is £13.99.


To purchase a copy please order from www.fastprint.net/bookshop or Amazon. On Amazon



Or to contact Mick direct please email bare-fists45@virginmedia.com



Champions of England

James Figg 3

Tom Pipes 6

Bill Gretting 8

George Taylor 10

Jack Broughton 13

London Prize Ring Rules (Broughton’s Rules) 16

Jack Slack 18

William Stevens 21

George Meggs 23

George Milsom 24

Tom Juchau 25

William Darts 26

Tom Lyons 28

Peter Corcoran 29

Harry Sellers 31

Duggan Fearns 33

Tom Johnson 34

Benjamin Brain 36

Daniel Mendoza 38

John Jackson 41

Tom Owen 43

Jack Bartholomew 45

Jem Belcher 47

Hen Pearce 50

John Gully 53

Tom Cribb 55

Tom Spring 58

Tom Cannon 60

Jem Ward 62

Peter Crawley 65

James Burke 67

The London Prize Ring Rules 1838 70

William Thompson 71

Ben Caunt 74

Nick Ward 76

William Perry 78

Harry Broome 81

Tom Paddock 83

Tom Sayers 86

Sam Hurst 90

Jem Mace 92

Tom King 97

Joe Wormald 99


Tom Belcher 102

Jack Scroggins 105

Ned Turner 109

Jack Randall 112

Aby Belasco 115

Jack Martin 118

Bishop Sharpe 121

Alec Reid 124

Tom Gaynor 128

Harry Jones 131

Samuel Evans 135

Johnny Lane 138

James Wharton 141

Nat Langham 144

Bob Brettle 146


Caleb Baldwin 152

Sam Elias 154

Barney Aaron 157

Dick Curtis 160

Owen Swift 163

Johnny Hannan 166

Johnny Broome 168

Johnny Walker 170

Ned Donnelly 172

Jack Jones 174

Bill Hayes 176

Bob Travers 179


Jem Massey 184

William Gill 187

Alf Walker 189

Joe Nolan 191

Bill Gilham 194

Dan Thomas 197


Joe Hoiles 202

Charlie Lynch 204

George Holden 206

Peter Morris 208

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Re: The Boxing Book thread - Recommendations


Just had a friend given me the Tiger Flowers book "Georgia Tiger" haven't started it yet has anyone read it



--- No, but Tiger Flowers is something of an unknown great in a great many controversial bouts against other greats as one of the first ever top southpaw fighters not to mention being born black in the heart of the deep South just two decades after the Civil War had ended, so it sounds worth reading if you like historical fighters.


I'd stay away from that "Pussycat of Boxing" title that came out a few years back. Not only a poor title, but poorly researched while greatly opinionated with generous sprinklings of modern black power politics of which preacher Flowers wouldn't identify with.

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Re: The Boxing Book thread - Recommendations


Thanks mate,it looks a good on about an unsung hero


--- On a side note, there's probably the most definitive Harry Greb bio released recently.


The author is a genuine Type A holier than thou personality who gums up boxrec in spasmodic spurts of keyboard warrior aggressiveness before disappearing, but he's is dedicated to the craft of Greb to the Max and likely has some new Tiger Flower tidbits. Those two are forever peas in a pod having fought each other in a great disputed series at the end of their prematurely shortened careers. They both died on the operating table a year apart while having facial injuries repaired.



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