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Few pics and my take on Vegas Cotto v Manny


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Its a little late but i only just got my card out my matres camera but i though id post a couple of pictures of Vegas from the recent boxing ..


Trip got off to a flier when i spotted David Haye a few people ahead of me just about to get on the plane went up shook his had congratulated him amd stuff. Anyhow last time i flew BA they lost my bags on the way there and got them to me a few hours before i got back and then to add insult to injury they lost them on the way back. I kicked up a stink and wrote around 6-7 letters, said id take the to court etc for compensation etc anyhow when i got to the final chreck they said my luck was in and id been upgraded and Haye and Adam were in the seats in front of me.


Sound guy, i asked Adam about the brothers and he said they wernt even thinking about them at that point. As tempting as it was i didnt harrass him all the way there though did get the 100 year edition of BoxingNews signed by him & Adam.. Bud must apologise when you asked me the other day i didnt know i had until i opened it the other day, my mate got it signed when i was asleep lol.


Only there for for days on this trip, met a load of sound boxing fans as you'd expect on a trip to Vegas, and had a good chat to Burt Sugar in the Zuri bar in the MGM. Also met people of LF which is always a good laugh and a special mention has to go to my pal Blondebecci who posts on here every now and again and is a regular on the streams. I thought i could drink... Enough said in that department.


The MGM was sold out, i was sat up in the nosebleeds seats but the 3 Mannyfans who were sat in front of me bought their tickets at the exact same time as i did (the minute they came out) off ticketmaster and paid $500 instead of the $300 i paid.. Just makes me hate Ticketmaster even more the thieving B**tards.


Great atmosphere at the fight as you would expect, shame about the result but i wont drone on about that.


A few people have questioned why i go to fights that dont involve Brits, well the Ricans know how to party hard and ive always found them to be great to be around and Manny fans well theyre just blinded by their love of Manny. You cant chat to them about any other fighter and im sure a good chunk of them dont know any other fighters name lol..


All in all a great trip, cant wait for the next one :-)



Some Guy Called Haye



Burt 'the bible' Sugar



MGM Garden Arena


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