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Sporting Lifes British top 10 pound for pound


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Sportinglife.com pound-for-pound British top 10:


1 - Ricky Hatton


2 - David Haye


3 - Carl Froch


4 - Amir Khan


5 - John Murray


6 - Junior Witter


7 - Kell Brook


8 - Jamie Moore


9 - Kevin Mitchell


10 - Nathan Cleverly


Honourable mentions: Nicky Cook, Rendall Munroe, Anthony Small and Alex Arthur.


Do u agree or disagree and why ?

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I gotta disagree with the top order of that..Ricky got ass-raped and should never be a 1...Although Haye has only just moved up to HW he has a proven record and has'nt come off the back of a bad defeat and should head the pack!







Even Junior at 6 is pushing it....he's wellll on the decline!

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You could'nt have The Cobra ahead of Haye......Haye unified his world titles before jumping ship and Hatton has only been defeated by twp p4p fighters in PBF and Manny!!


We both agree Amir is at 4 at least mlol/ is it because of hate or because of reason though mlol/

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You beat me to it then Rob, Haye has fought a gatekeeper lately and thats about it. Froch is out there fighting and defending his title. Looking forward to watching the Tourny to see if he can carry it on


Khan if he carrys on winning will obviously move up as Hatton is in limbo at the moment. Will he wont he and all that.

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