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Loma Comeback This Saturday vs Jermaine Ortiz


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Well Loma needs to get back in there against somebody and he's not one to slum. Let's not forget it's Ortiz who's taking the major step up here. He made a name for himself beating a shop-worn Herring in what was only his second 10-round fight. I think TopRank knows what it's doing here. Ortiz gets a win that creates a bit of buzz, however illusory. That gives TR something to work with to sell this fight. If Usyk was any indication, Loma's involvement in the war defense should serve as an inspiration. His layoff serves as a chance to heal up and come back fresh. TopRank's lining at all up at lightweight. Haney, Loma, Shakur. A round-robin of sorts is in their sights.

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Very close fight. I'm with the 7-5 judge; 9-3 is ludicrous. Loma's experience carried him to victory where Ortiz had little experience (Rds 9 & 10) and none (Rds 11 & 12).

Seeing Loma in the ring again reminds of how small he is. He's earned his shot at Haney with three straight wins since losing to Lopez but I don't see this version of Loma getting the job done. I don't see a special or transcendent quality in Haney; I think he's beatable. But Loma's not the one the get it done imo. Haney should be able to bully - perhaps even manhandle - Loma. But that's why they stage the fights. It'll be a stiff test for Haney's next defense.

While TopRank controls the lightweight merry-go-round, who knows if Haney sticks around 135 long enough to face Shakur - or if TopRank even wants that fight. Too much of a risk to Shakur's unbeaten record. Shakur-Loma they'd do in a heartbeat. TopRank's got quite an assembly line going from 126 to 130 to 135, shortly perhaps even 140. Funny how every vacant WBO title in these divisions stays in the TopRank universe. Well maybe not so funny; nothing's a coincidence.

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