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Be Still Our Beating Hearts~Erislandy Lara vs Gary O'Sullivan

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Let's see...if Lara can starch LaManna in 1 and Lemieux can starch O'Sullivan in 1...oh dear, Spike. It's a shame the middleweight division has been largely neglected the last five years. Can't think of a significant fight not involving GGG during that time. Now it appears Jermall and Andrade will move up having accomplished nothing; GGG likely on his way too. Perhaps the best way to reboot 160 is for the best at 154 to fill the void which is where Lara came from anyway.
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I can't believe this is a title fight. Even in the WBA.



At the same time, how can you not be a Spike fan? The man may not have skills, but he ALWAYS brings it and puts on a show, win or lose.

I thought he'd retire after Lemmy decapitated him, but I'm glad he's still making a few bucks in the game.




Somehow I have no real opinion or interest in Lara. I know he's talented and has that Cuban thing going on, but he bores me to death.

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It's ridiculous that the WBA is claiming that Lara is a World champion! He beat a nobody in Ramon Alvarez for the vacant belt. Has defended it against fringe contenders Greg Vendetti and Thomas LaManna. Now undeserving Gary O'Sullivan. WBA are an absolute joke, I'm sure I read, a while ago, that they planned on only having one champion per weight. They can't stick to their own plans - just money grabbing for sanctioning fees.


It's certainly 'The American Dream' for the ageing Cuban. Bullshit title and soft defences.

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