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Estrada vs Cuadras - Possible FOTY ! - SPOILERS -


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Oh MAN what a fight !


Kudos to Cuadras for being one seriously tough SOB, but his lack of defense seemed to spell his end.


Also, Estrada did a great job of mixing it up to the body.



One of those fights that makes you exhausted just watching it. Whew .......



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No doubt a great one. Super impressed with how Estrada finished him off. Let the new Four Kings - Estrada, Chocolatito, Cuadras, Srisaket - continue their round-robin! Only Cuadras and Srisaket haven't fought each other among the four. (Correcting myself! It was so long ago but yes Cuadras beat Srisaket.)


I'd be primarily concerned with how much these fights are taking out of these guys. The main and co-main were both grueling matches. Meanwhile Srisaket bides his time in Thailand since losing to Estrada last year. I'd like his chances against any of the other three based on freshness alone.


But it seems Hearn's gotten what he's wanted: an Estrada-Chocolatito rematch. Estrada by stoppage imo.

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