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More WBC Diamond Belt Nonsense


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WBC President Jose Sulaiman has announced that Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins deserve the opportunity of fighting in an immediate rematch for the opportunity to win the WBC Diamond Belt. He also addressed claims from promoter Gary Shaw that Pascal must fight a rematch with Chad Dawson before taking any other fight.


“We have read statements, articles and letters, some aggressive, from our longtime and good friend Gary Shaw, an active WBC promoter, and we understand the position of some promoters strictly in favor of their business. But neither he nor anybody else ever registered any contract for a second fight between our proud champion Pascal and Chad Dawson, which would have required WBC approval and sanction. The WBC never had any official knowledge of a condition to Pascal, who is the champion and not the challenger, to resign to his WBC world championship if he did not fight Dawson next. No promoter or boxer can agree to a fight for the WBC world title without first obtaining WBC approval and sanction.


“The WBC, whose obligation is to lead the organization for the benefit of boxing, voted overwhelmingly, 30 to 2, to order a new fight for Pascal-Hopkins – their first fight also earned Showtime’s highest rating for a boxing match in the last four years – but also included in its ruling that the winner should make his next mandatory defense against Dawson as proof that the WBC is also supporting him for the good of the boxing matches that boxing needs to continue being one of the most popular sports in the world.


“The WBC expects our promoter and friend Gary Shaw to participate amicably and in good faith in favor of this ruling, cooperating for the good of all boxers and not only of one, and continue participating in the WBC where he has always had its maximum support.”



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