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Audley Harrison to be paid for David Haye bout


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Audley Harrison is to receive his purse despite his poor performance when he lost to WBA heavyweight champion David Haye in Manchester on 13 November.


The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) discussed withholding Harrison's pay after he landed only one punch. But secretary Robert Smith had already admitted it would be "tricky" to dock his pay for a lack of aggression.


The 39-year-old was stopped in the third round of the WBA title bout, but said the referee intervened too early.


The BBBC is also investigating Haye's claims that he bet on himself to win in the third round in Manchester. The body's rules forbid boxers from betting on themselves.


Haye, 30, has since denied placing a bet himself, explaining that he had predicted a third-round finish and felt under pressure to deliver the result after friends had placed money on the outcome.


"My prediction was the third round and I told a lot of people that and it was true," he said. "It makes the fight a lot more exciting for people. It did feel like I'd bet on myself because so many people had put money on it."


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He was always going to get paid because eveyone knew the outcome i.e. he would lose big time. The BBBC could not pay him or else they would appear to be the only people in the world without a clue!!


As for Haye's bet, I'm sure Eubank put money on himself to win in the first round when he fought Benn the second time. Nobody seemed to bother about that, maybe it's only a problem if the fighter gets it right.....

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He deserves to be paid IMO. He was truly awful but didn't go down after the first punch in the third and took a few.


He just wasn't good enough no where near. Like a rabbit in the headlights frozen to the spot.


I wouldn't go as far as to say he "deserves" to be paid, as he turned up and did little more than I did that night, and I was sitting at home watching it on the laptop ffs.


He shouldn't have been anywhere near a world title in the first place, and many people are at fault for that, but Audley is not one of them.

Anyone would sign a contract for a career high payday and a world title shot, when they've done nothing to warrant it.

He signed the contract, and he's "owed" the money.

He doesn't "deserve" it in the slightest though imo.

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I can't believe anyone actually paid for it to begin with. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are a lot of manipulative and "clever" people out there who know how to get money from you. Well, don't be a sap and keep your money in your pocket. Or spend it on something worthwhile like beer mlol/


Blame does lie on the sides of those who actually made the fight: Haye's team, the WBA for allowing it, boxing journalism who didn't shout "Farce" and demand an answer as to why Audley Harrison deserved a title shot, TV companies that agreed to show it (Sky).... Boxing is an apathetic sport where progression is frowned upon. This isn't the first time an unworthy opponent got a title shot.

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