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Winky Wright on Pacquiao-Mosley, Facing Martinez, More


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Winky Wright on Pacquiao-Mosley, Facing Martinez, More


By Chris Robinson


The last time we saw former champion Winky Wight inside of a professional boxing ring he was on his way to losing a clear decision to Paul ‘The Punisher’ Williams at the Mandalay sportBay in Las Vegas, Nevada nearly two years ago. Since that time we haven’t heard as much from the 39-year old Wright, as he has been busy in his Florida bases working on several business projects and new endeavors, but rest assured, the St. Petersburg fighter is still chomping at the bit to land a big fight.


It’s understandable that Wright wouldn’t be one to welcome the idea of going on the comeback trail, as his pedigree is beyond proven at this point, and is instead looking to jump right back in the fire against a high-profile opponent. Wright has fought some of the best fighters in the world and always gave a good account of himself, with his pair of victories over Shane Mosley in 2004 and his upset over Felix Trinidad in May of 2005 serving as perhaps his most relevant mainstream triumphs.


I spoke to Wright earlier today about a myriad of topics, including his struggles to land a big name foe, why he feels certain promoters and networks are trying to phase him out, his victories over Trinidad and Mosley, as well as his thoughts on some current stars in the sport.


In his own words, this is what the southpaw stylist had to say…


Wanting the big fights…

“Definitely. It’s very hard not to get these big fights. I’m used to people not calling my name out to fight. Whether I was on top or not, even when I was on the top people didn’t want to fight. It’s hard to get good fights; it’s very difficult.”


Working with Golden Boy…

“My relationship with Golden Boy is alright. A lot of times it isn’t as easy people think. It’s not that I don’t want to fight. There is nobody of any importance who wants to fight me. I just want to be out there fighting people. I’ve fought a long career and I want to give the fans what they want to see. I’m not here to just fight and get in the ring, I’m here to win championships and prove that I am a great fighter.”


Highlight victories over Felix Trinidad and Shane Mosley…

“Those victories were great. Those were great times. We had the ability to do it but we had to go out and prove it. So that’s what we went out and did. We proved that we deserved to be in those fights. Every fight I had, I earned it. I was never one of those fighters who just had the opportunity to fight for championships. Everything that I said that I did in boxing, I fought my way hard for it and I earned it. I love boxing but I’m trying to prove that I’m one of the best fighters out there.”


Ultimate respect…

“The only two fighters who had the balls to get in there, well three actually if you count Bernard but we had to fight him out of our weight division. The other two were Tito Trinidad and Shane. Other fighters say ‘Winky can’t sell, Winky can’t do this’ but the numbers speak for themselves. That was just a way of all of these guys copping out. Trying to blackballing me, so to say because the networks were blackballing me.”


Mosley’s chances vs. Pacquiao on May 7th in Las Vegas…

“Pacquiao is destroying everybody right now. But Shane is a live fighter. Shane has speed, he has power, but the thing is, does he want it? Does he have heart to go in there and fight and try to win? Because he’s going to have to dig down and fight because this guy is going to be coming at him. We’ll see.”


Sergio Martinez’s knockout over Paul Williams…

“That was great timing. He threw the perfect punch at the right time. For me, I like Paul Williams, he’s a good fighter and he’s going to do what he does, but Sergio Martinez I thought won the first fight and it was just satisfying to see him get that knockout win. He didn’t have to worry about anybody taking that from him.”


Public preference…

“As far as Sergio Martinez, we went after him too and Dibella was on the same page as us as far as trying to get it done but HBO didn’t want to do it. They turned it down. They would have rather Sergio fight somebody like Andy Lee. As if the public would prefer that over Winky Wright.”


People in the industry…

“It’s definitely frustrating. I’m not just fighting the fighters, I’m fighting people in the industry who don’t want to see you prevail. For some reason, they don’t want to see you on top. Boxing is supposed to be about the best vs. the best but a lot of times networks and other people get involved and they keep fucking up the game. The best can’t always fight the best.”


More than just a name…

“What’s the reason Jean Pascal called out Bernard Hopkins after he beat Chad Dawson? Because Bernard Hopkins’ name on your resume does a lot for you. Whether he was ripe or not, Bernard Hopkins’ name does a lot. Look at Shane Mosley, it’s the same thing. But with me promoters will try to avoid me. They will just say I am a boring fighter and that I don’t attract people.”


A thousand excuses…

“The numbers speak for themselves. My pay-per-view with Trinidad did more than Cotto and Shane and more than Cotto and Zab. They were supposed to be explosive fighters but why couldn’t they do more than Winky Wright and Felix Trinidad? And you can say that Tito Trinidad was the one who brought the draw but when I fought Trinidad it did better than Roy Jones and Tito Trinidad. These promoters will come up with a thousand excuses or maybe the network will come to Richard Schaefer and say that they don’t want that fight. But when a promoter like Lou Dibella puts my name on the list of opponents for Sergio Martinez they would rather have Andy Lee. I mean, who is Andy Lee?”


It is what it is…

“The sport of boxing is a real political, backstabbing sport. Me myself, I feel that I aint that kind of person. It is what it is and if you don’t like it, ‘So what?’ I guess. It’s just that kind or sport but it’s boxing and I still love it. It is what it is.”




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