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Amir Khan Laughs at Prescott: I'd Stop You in Three!


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Amir Khan Laughs at Prescott: I'd Stop You in Three!


By Mark Vester


According to WBA junior welterweight champion Amir Khan, a rematch with Breidis Prescott would be an easy. In 2008, Prescott handed Khan his first and only loss by way of a 54-second first round knockout. Since the loss, Khan moved up a division and rebuit his career with victories over Andreas Kotelnik, Marco Antonio Barrera, Marcos Maidana and Paulie Malignaggi.


Prescott recently issued a public challenge, taunting Khan to accept the rematch. Of course, since beating Khan, Prescott himself has lost twice, and those defeats take away some of the needed luster for a rematch. Khan has a good laugh at the taunts. The second time around, Khan doesn't see the fight going three rounds.


"Prescott does not hit as hard as Maidana. He is as big a puncher as boxing has had for a long time. His record says it all. Maidana is a big puncher but I dealt with his power and that was a big step up for me,” Khan told Bolton News.


“The reason I went down against Prescott and not Maidana is the weight. I used to lose 12 lbs in a week compared to six pounds now. I was carrying too much muscle. I used to kill myself making the weight and the last five pounds were very difficult. I think it would be an easy fight against Prescott now. I would knock him out inside three rounds.”




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I don't agree that Khan would knock him out, but I do agree that he would beat him if they fought again.

The blueprint has already been made to beat the guy by a handful of boxers now, and the simple solution is to outbox him and NOT to get into a firefight, which is what cost him last time around so quickly.

Khan's power is not all that, and Prescott is too dangerous to get embroiled in throwing the combinations it might take to stop him.

He has also shown more than capable of taking a punch.

Stoppage seems implausible for me, but Khan could very easily walk to a UD.

His boasts don't ring true, but the eventual outcome would be almost a certainty.

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IMO, entering the ring with the notion he'll stop Prescott in three is most probably how Amir managed to get stopped in their match a few years ago. I'd like to see this rematch play out as a semi-lucrative tune-up, and I'd dare say Roach will have Amir tuned to perform, and that the stoppage in his favor could very well come early, provided the approach is correct.
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Prescott Fires Back at Khan: Public is Laughing at Amir!


Entitled "Amir Khan Laughs at Prescott: I'd Stop You in Three!" the release details what a laughably easy time Khan thinks he would have in a rematch with his conqueror, Prescott.


For those who don't recall, Prescott humiliated Khan in 54 seconds in September of 2008 at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester, leaving him knocked out in a heap in his own corner.


"The ones truly laughing are the boxing public at Amir's attempts to talk his way out of this fight," said Prescott. "He knows I have his number, that's why he's laughing and not signing. A true champion doesn't talk about what he would have done. He gets in the ring and does it."


Prescott's sentiments are echoed by scores of fans on boxing forums and sites who also wonder why, if Khan would have such an easy time redeeming his name against Prescott, he isn't the one pushing to make the rematch?


"When you lose like he did against me, people will always have their doubts about you. The only way to erase those doubts is to fight me again and try to remove them. Another great British champion of the modern era was Lennox Lewis and he avenged his defeats to Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman by getting in the ring and stopping them both. That's what made him such a great champion... the only thing is: You're not Lennox and you'll never beat me."


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