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Manny Pacquiao: A look back in 2010


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Watching a great or even near-great operate beyond their best and at a point where holes begin to appear in their game are often some of the most colorful and compelling moments we are privileged to see in a given career. It's then that we get to see the indomitable character and drive operating at the forefront, and so often the desperation that may have been a key part of their early make-up once again rises to the top. It's not always an obvious desperation, rather it's something that makes them want to move forward into the fire and take the chances necessary to stave of what they so often fear most; fear and the realization that they are indeed a fraction of what they once were, and the loss of earning power that is surely to come with it.


Shane Mosley is an arguable topic on a few levels. His "star power" has always been a source of curiosity, his body of work is open to a degree of interpretation and of course there is the PED situation that he denied emphatically for years only to later sheepishly recant. But regardless of all of that, he is to us, the hardcore faction with near-insatiable curiosity, still a compelling character with three division titles to his credit, and that in and of itself, combined with which school of thought you may subscribe to re his most recent performance, is enough to make most of us curious as to how the storyline will play out.


A Shane Mosley challenge of Manny Pacquiao may very well be the closing scene of a career that has been watched closely under the microscope for 13 years, or it may provide and unexpected wrinkle that would serve to titillate and cause us to rethink matters once again. Stranger things have happened in the theater of the unexpected.

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