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48 Press scores, Punchstats, My scorecard and Press ave score for Bute-Pascal

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Re: 48 Press scores, Punchstats, My scorecard and Press ave score for Bute-Pascal


Was Lucian Bute robbed against Jean Pascal? | Latest | Boxing News


1 card had Bute winning by 6 points


comments welcome


--- Well, you had 115-113 Pascal which was a reasonable score compared to the media accolades Pascal received making his victory equivalent to the all time Floydy dominance of Canelo, which of course was a Majority Decision.:cheer2:


Moreover, you'd have thought that Bute was really battering Pascal the last round, when in fact he was probably sucked in by Pascal who has never shied away from cowering in a fight in between his froggie leaps to action.


I predicted a stinkfest and the fight did not disappoint. My score was Bute 3 rounds, the last three I might add, Pascal 2 middle rounds, and the other 7 rounds even. That translates into a 118-117 score that you will never see in boxing because judges won't score nominal even rounds, instead sniffing around to find that one trace molecule of stink to give a lazy fighter the round over another lazy fighter.


However, when a fight stinks this bad, I'm talking a thousand or more undercard fights this year being waged at a true fight level and not the junior mouse level these two posed as, with my seven even rounds trumping their combined totals of 3+2, that's a true majority draw in my book, or a No Decision had I the Poohbah power to rule over boxing.


Must say though, my abs got an all time work out in guffaws seeing the boxrec ninnies go off like two year olds over this fight:popcorn:.....priceless!

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