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Mitch Prince looking towards title fights with Hamilton, Gethin and Limond


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Ringnews24.com: You are currently 12-1, what are your thoughts on how your career is progessing so far?Hi, I am not happy with my career as at the start I was playing with it. I was partying more than I was training, but I have a fiancé who I plan on making a happy and proud wife later this year, so I have turned things around and am keeping fit and ready for anything. I aim to have a good few fights this year.Ringnews24.com: Who is the toughest opponent you have fought to date?My toughest opponent as a pro was Ideh Ochuko, as he came in and cut me early on in the fight, a nasty gash opened up on my eyebrow which I needed 7 stitches for. He wasn't the best fighter I have fought but was fit and also the fact I had a bad cut to deal with added to the struggle.




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