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Roach: Manny may quit for politics


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Roach: Manny may quit for politics

Pacquiao trainer worried Mayweather has missed his chance


Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach has admitted he is concerned that the seven-weight world champion may quit boxing all together next year to concentrate on his career in the Philippine congress.


Pacquiao 31, won his seat in the congress in May and despite looking fully committed in the gym, may now have one eye on a career outside boxing after his bout with Antonio Margartito.


"We are going to lose Manny Pacquiao to politics, for sure," Roach told BBC World Service. “It’s just a matter of time.”


"After the first couple of days of training Manny came up to me and said 'I miss my job', and I said 'you're at your job', and he said 'no, I miss Congress'," Roach added.


Roach now thinks that the super-fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr is now under serious threat after police involvement on Mayweather's side, arguments over blood testing and now Pacquiao’s political career.


With Floyd being arrested for domestic violence in September and facing a court case, its yet another stumbling block for all parties to get over in order to put together the fight every boxing fan wants to see.



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Sounds more like a push for ticket sales the old "Buy a ticket as you may never have the chance to see him again in a boxing ring" routine.


We heard all this before, wasn't Clottey meant to be his last fight due to the politics.


Its all B*lls**t.


Yeah, this "it could be your last chance to ever see Manny Pacquaio" routine is going to used everytime out now. I understand that tickets are selling pretty well, but it never hurts to play this Card.

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