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Holyfield coach begins work with Jeffries


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Holyfield coach begins work with Jeffries



HE’S trained Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and both of the Klitschko brothers, and now Tommy Brooks is hoping to make Tony Jeffries into one of the best in the business.



Jeffries arrived in Los Angeles on Monday and had his first real gym session with Brooks yesterday.


It’s a step into the unknown for both of them, but a partnership they are determined to make work.


Jeffries is investing a hefty amount of what he’s earned in the professional sport in relocating to the USA and Brooks is putting his reputation on the line by working with his first Brit.


The veteran trainer, who is still working with five-time world champion Holyfield and runs a camp for amateur heavyweights, is excited by the new challenge.


He told the Echo: “Tony has shown his commitment to this sport by coming over here.


“Frank Maloney and me have been buddies – sorry, I should say ‘mates’ – for a lot of years.


“He tried to get Lennox Lewis with me, but that didn’t happen and finally he’s got one of his guys with me.


“Tony’s come a long way from home and I respect him for that. As long as he wants to learn, I can help him.


“I’ve seen some clips of his fights and I can see where I can improve him. We know he can fight – you don’t get an Olympic medal by playing checkers!


“I’m not going to give away my trade secrets, but I know exactly what I need to do. I’m going to get him moving better and I’m going to increase his power.


“He fights in December and hopefully we can see results quickly, but I want this to be a long term thing and hopefully Tony does.


“Like I say, I don’t want to give away my trade secrets and then just cut Tony loose!”


Jeffries is in LA for seven weeks before fighting on a Maloney bill in December.


And he won’t lack for training partners in California.


Brooks said: “This is a busy gym. I run a programme call All-American Heavyweights and I’ve got 25 guys hoping to fight at the next Olympics in London.


“Tony will have plenty of work on his hands with these guys, but he already has one up on them because he’s got an Olympic medal round his neck.


“I have trained 21 world champions and Frank Maloney wants Tony to be number 22.


“I’m not going to say that will happen. You never know until it happens – you never say never.”


Jeffries’ dad and manager Phil has joined his son in LA for the first couple of weeks of this initial stay.


He said: “I’m really happy with what I’ve seen and Tony is happy with it.


“I’ve never seen so many heavyweights in one room – Tony’s the smallest lad in the gym!


“The set up is brilliant and it feels like the camps he used to go to with Great Britain because there’s a lot of support around him.


“We’ve got a good feeling about this.”

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