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Wladimir Klitschko says foe will pay


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Wladimir Klitschko says foe will pay


LONDON -- Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has vowed to make Derek Chisora pay for making light of his boxing skills when they meet in a world title fight in Germany.


Chisora, the British and Commonwealth champion who is undefeated in 14 fights, is widely expected to be out of his depth when he takes on Klitschko -- who holds the IBF, IBO and WBO titles -- in Mannheim, Germany on Dec. 11.


But the 26-year-old Chisora seems full of confidence, winding up Klitschko at a news conference in London by insisting he will "take him out of his comfort zone" and saying that the best thing about the Ukrainian is his ring entrance.


The experienced Klitschko, who is unbeaten in six years and has ruled the heavyweight division for the past decade along with his older brother Vitali, was undeterred.


"You say I have no boxing skills, you say it's going to be rough and tough. Maybe you consider me a bum in boxing," Klitschko said. "Well, good luck. I will make you eat your words. I love to do paintwork on your face."


Chisora was handed an unexpected opportunity to take on Klitschko after talks between the 34-year-old three-belt champion and England's David Haye, who holds the WBA title, broke down over money. A three-fight deal was reached earlier this month after just four or five days' talks, according to Chisora's promoter Frank Warren. Under the deal, Chisora will fight Vitali next if he wins in December.


Haye, meanwhile, will fight fellow London-born boxer Audley Harrison in Manchester next month in a bout which is expected to be as one-sided as Klitschko-Chisora.


Klitschko, however, praised Chisora for doing what he claims Haye is failing to do.


"I respect Derek that he took the chance without considering it too long. He heard about and got it," said Klitschko, who has won 55 of his 58 fights -- 49 by knockout. "I know another man who is fighting next month in the 'London championship fight' with his London buddy. He was talking a lot, doing a lot but never coming into the ring.


"Derek is young, he's only had 14 fights but that doesn't say a lot. His confidence says a lot, his will says a lot. Remember, Leon Spinks had only eight fights before he beat Muhammad Ali."


Chisora, who will prepare for the fight by training in the Scottish Highlands next month, earned what will be the biggest payday of his career after unifying the British and Commonwealth titles with a ninth-round stoppage of Sam Sexton in Birmingham last month.


"I am more hungry than any other fighter he's boxed," Chisora said. "I want it more than he wants it. It's not going to be a boxing match, it's going to be a fight. I'm going to take him out of his comfort zone. I didn't expect it to come as early as this. The opportunity has knocked on my door and I took it."


Chisora predicted he will knock Klitschko out in the seventh or eighth round.


Most experts, however, are betting on Klitschko, who has won five fights since unifying his three belts by beating Sultan Ibragimov in New York in February, 2008.

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Tempers Erupt: Klitschko, Chisora Trade Words Over Briggs

By Mark Vester


When heavyweights Wladimir Klitschko and Derek Chisora met face to face in the UK, they traded some harsh words over last Saturday's performance of Shannon Briggs. Klitschko tried to praise Briggs for showcasing a brave effort by lasting a full twelve rounds of punishment at the hands of his older brother, WBC champion Vitali Klitschko. On December 11, Wladimir will defend his WBO/IBO/IBF titles against Chisora.


"I have to defend Shannon Briggs right here after the quote that you mentioned Derek. He is not someone who just came to the event to get paid," Klitschko said in response to Chisora stating that "Briggs only came for a payday."


"No, champ. Hold on," Chisora said as he cut Klitschko off. "He came to get paid like the rest of the Americans. I'm coming across the road. He came to get paid like the rest of the Americans."


"Are you getting paid for this fight?" - asked Klitschko.


"I don't want the money, I told you already. I am coming to physically take the titles off you," Chisora answered back.


"Good, that's what I'm expecting," Klitschko said.


"Good, then I'm expecting you to give me a better fight than you gave....," Chisora was stating as Klitschko cut him off and said.......


"I'm not talking about you right now, I'm talking about the performance of Shannon Briggs. You need to give respect to this man," Klitschko said.


"No, I will not," Chisora barked off. "I don't respect Shannon Briggs. He's a letdown to boxing. He's an embarrassment to boxing. He should hang up his gloves. If I saw him myself I would have slapped his face. He's an embarrassment to boxing. For him to take that fight and to come in there and have a sparring session with your brother. That is not a fight for heavyweight boxers. He didn't take any risks. He came to get paid. George Foreman was a legend. You and brother will never fill his shoes. You made boxing stink."


As Klitschko took a shot at David Haye - Chisora said - "Me and David Haye will come out with victories against you and your brother because me and David Haye are better athletes. We love the passion of boxing."




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It's good to hear Chisora speaking like this, because it shows he has firm belief in himself.

He's a refreshingly honest guy, and like a few people have said previously, at least he's walking the walk.

I wasn't sure if I was going to support Del Boy, or if I was going to support Wlad to keep a Haye fight on track, but I now know the answer to that...

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Could someone send the Klitschlkos some 80s action films so they can learn how bad-ass guys are supposed to speak? The press conferences are becoming as painful as some of the rounds!


doesn't the line 'mr diyavid hyaye, you are a loser' do it do you Gav?


Ah yes, I await the rebuttal from Mr Haye's camp asserting that he is rubber I am glue.

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