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Floyd Mayweather Opens Up About Domestic Dispute


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Floyd Mayweather Opens Up About Domestic Dispute and Future Marriage

By Douglas Batiste


Handout/Getty Images Floyd Mayweather recently was interviewed on Sirius Radio and shared some details about his confrontation with ex-girlfriend Josie Harris.

"I asked her why is my kid’s school clothes all over the house that I bought them." She got the house looking like hoarders. She's letting her girlfriends live off my children's monthly income. I told her all this drinking and partying every night, you have to get a job and find a new place and I need to get custody of my kids."


In response to the reports that Mayweather’s son Koraun testified against him, Mayweather speculated police were coaching his son Koraun to incriminate him.


"They're coaching my oldest son to say certain things," he claimed. "My son is being coached to say certain things. I love my kids dearly and I wish [ex-girlfriend Josie Harris] all the best.”


Mayweather was charged after allegedly breaking into ex-girlfriend Harris’s home in early September. In a report filed in Las Vegas, she claimed the boxing star initially stole her cell phone to snoop through her text messages, and then returned angry after finding evidence she was seeing someone else. Mayweather also has been accused of attacking her, but no abuse charges were filed.


During the radio interview, Floyd Mayweather implied he did not physically harm Josie Harris.


“My children's mother...if she got hurt, they would have those photos out the next day. I love my kids. They say I threatened to kill them. That never happened."


Floyd Mayweather is facing up to 30 years of prison time if found guilty on the eight felony charges. Although it seems he is in the mist of the biggest fight of his life, he has found something to look forward to.


Last month Shantell Jackson, Floyd Mayweather’s fianceé, tweeted, "I just want to thank everyone for the support, and everything willing my wedding date is January 17, 2011.”


According to Mayweather, he and Jackson have been dating for five years, and she has been there through the ups and downs.

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The decision in a court of law will be the one the counts for Mayweather in this case. Will he have signed the Pac-man fight just before he to court, just like the first Tyson v's Holyfield?! That would indeed be a twist.


Would also be ironic that he's not long got involved with Don King.


Don knows how to stage multi million comeback fights after a Prison spell against no hopers i.e Peter McNeeley.

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