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Briggs: David Haye next up for an ass whipping after Vitali


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His views on the upcoming title fight between WBA heavyweight champion David Haye and challenger Audley Harrison:


“David Haye is lucky and fortunate that he fought the sleeping giant and he got through that fight. He should have been fighting Holyfield because Holyfield, I felt, beat Valuev. It’s a great choice for him to fight Audley Harrison in England. That’s a great fight for the UK and for him. No matter what anyone says, that was great thinking. I mean why fight a Holyfield or something now and risk it all, even against an older Holyfield. David Haye is very disrespectful. He talked his way into the title, and unfortunately he won it. He actually put out a video comment about me saying that, calling me Shannon ‘I need my asthma pump’ Briggs. A lot of people didn’t find that funny because there are a lot of asthmatic people around the world that find that to be disrespectful and look up to the fact that I’ve become champion. That being said, David Haye is next up for a great ass-whipping after I take care of Vitali.”



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