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Hatton wants "an absolute war of a fight"


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Ricky Hatton has said that if he returns to the ring, he wants "an absolute war of a fight" – but implies it will be a one-off, against either Oscar De La Hoya or Juan Manuel Márquez.


Hatton arrived in Australia yesterday on a promotional tour and told reporters: "The manner in which I ended my defeat [to Manny Pacquiao in May] is not really the way I would like to bow out. I'd like to bow out like Kostya [Tszyu did against Hatton in 2005] in an absolute war of a fight, a wonderful fight with great sportsmanship."


Hatton's spokesman, Paul Speak, told the Guardian earlier in the week the semi-retired former world champion would announce his plans in February; Hatton told the Sydney media he would decide over the new year.


The 31-year-old said earlier in the week that Amir Khan was not in his plans "at the moment", leaving the door open for a mega-fight between the two later in 2010 – although he seems torn between a big, one-fight comeback and a Khan showdown after a warm-up.


Hatton is in Australia for four days promoting his Cardio Boxing equipment. "There's some great fighters out there," the Sydney Morning Herald reported him as saying. "You've got Anthony Mundine and obviously [Danny] Green has just had that fantastic win against Roy Jones. So you can see the talent that is here in Australia. It just needs that one guy to be a little bit of a superstar and I think it will take off. I think there's a lot of potential in Australian amateur boxing and that's why I'm here."




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I keep changing my mind on wether Ricky should fight again at all, even more than his waistline!!


I don't know wether a war would be sensible for a fighter thats losing his edge, I'd have thought he'd be looking for easier options and a shot Oscar or Junior would be ideal!

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mcbride you are dilusional. saying hatton wouldn't last 8 rounds with any1 but malignaggi. so he wouldn't last 8 with juan diaz? hatton is past it. but he would still beat alot of 140 lbs fighters


Who's delusional, me or someone who thinks a guy that has fought most of his fights at Lightweight, is a genuine 140 pounder?


I dont even think Hatton would last more than 8 with Urango if he rematched him. And that is saying something. He is gone, finished, shot to shit. His chin cant take any decent kind of a shot anymore.


Lazcano buzzing him was the perfect example of how a guy that shrugged off punches from Magee, Phillips, Oliviera, and Tszyu has deteriorated.

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