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Berto: "I will retire Shane Mosley, I promise you that!

Brick Top

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By Mark Vester


WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto and his January 30th opponent, Shane Mosley, have continued to trade words through their twitter accounts over the last couple of days. Mosley lashed out out with a promise to ruis Berto. Berto returned home from the WBC convention in Korea and returend some fire with some hard words of his own.


"I heard Berto was mad because I said I was gonna ruin his career, well I know the truth hurts sometimes," Mosley said. "I'm glad he signed the contract tho, so now I'm going to display what I started with Margarito. I'm dishin ass whupping's in 2010!"


Berto vowed to retire Mosley and put his career away for good. He made sure to take a few personal stabs at Mosley in the process.


"It's just funny to me how Shane Mosley got so tough overnight, do you'll peep that? He's talkin crazy to me, he runs up on Floyd [Mayweather Jr]. But I know what it is though. I've done a little reaserch on steriods and it says the drug makes you have crazy mood swings and feel bigger," Berto said.


"I hear his team is gettin it done on his end. So come Jan 30th I will retire Shane Mosley, I promise you that! Steriods is a hell of a drug! We can help you but the first step is to admit you have a problem."






Nice bit of needle going on here, not sure who to back in this one. I dont really rate Berto that highly, and although Shane looked great against Margarito, I felt that Margarito never looked up for the fight after being 'found out'



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I'm not really sold on Berto in a similar way that I'm not sold on Dawson. Shane has seen and done it all whereas Berto has a close win against Collazo and a win over Urango who is a weight class lower and never considered highly skilled. Berto is hoping he gets the Mayorga Shane, if he gets the Margarito Shane he will be in a world of trouble.
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yeah i could see a stoppage by mosley as well, berto's chin is decent but hes been down a few times. if my memory serves me, the only time i ever saw mosley seriously rocked was that uppercut by forrest RIP in their 1st fight. berto's hands are faster than mosley but not as powerful.
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