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McGuigan - Taylor should never fight again


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By Barry Mcguigan 24/10/2009



The first night of the super-middleweight Super Six competition, though brilliant in concept, threw up some awkward issues.


I don't want to be negative but the punch landed in the closing seconds by Arthur Abraham forces my hand.


My advice to Jermain Taylor would be to never put on gloves again.


He has lost four of his last five fights, three by knock-out.


The Abraham KO was a sickening blow after 12 hard rounds.


He was dropped heavily by Carl Froch in similar circumstances in his previous bout.


It is clear that his punch resistance has gone. He has to call it quits.


It might throw a spanner in the works of the Super Six concept but Taylor's long-term health is more important than anything else.


The second issue is the scoring of Froch and Andre Dirrell. Froch got the decision but in my view he didn't deserve it. I thought the American won the fight.


The Super Six is absolutely the right way to go.


It puts the best boxers together which is brilliant for the sport. The best need to fight the best.


The welfare of the fighter, though, is paramount, as is the integrity of the results.


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Boxing's interests are not bestserved by Taylor boxing on, or judges returning cards that are so obviously open to question. I was impressed by Dirrell. He fought the fight that he had to fight, one that took the sting out of his opponent.


Froch (right) moaned about Dirrell's negativity. It is for him to find a way around that. He didn't do that on my card.


Dirrell has a chance to bounce back on home turf against Abraham in January.


Abraham finished spectacularly despite being a tad one dimensional in Berlin. I believe Dirrell will box the ears off Abraham and storm back into contention.


Froch is scheduled to meet Mikkel Kessler in March. Kessler will have his work cut out against Andre Ward on November 21.


Should he come through that it sets up the Froch bout beautifully.


If he loses, it only adds to the spectacle because he will need to go for a big win.


Despite the fractured nature of his performance against Dirrell, Froch has a much better chance to shine against Kessler, who boxes in straighter lines. Froch likes opponents to come on to him. He won't have to go looking for Kessler.


Dirrell is the quickest of the six, much better on his feet than I thought and fast of hand. Kessler is much more orthodox and, as a consequence, easier to read.


Showtime, the American broadcaster behind the tournament, must think long and hard about Taylor's future involvement.


He is scheduled to take on Ward in the spring. My solution would be to call up Lucian Bute as a replacement.


The incentive is there for Bute to put on a show, if not win the event.


But he would settle for a shot at Ward - and the chance to put his name in lights.

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I can't agree that his resistance has gone...he was ko'd in the last round twice, that suggests to me that he is tired from 11 hard rounds that have gone before...if it was in 2 or 3 that would be different!!


Having said that I do agree that its time to draw the curtain on his career!

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