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Audley Harrison is back again


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Oh, the saviour returns, how I have been waiting for this moment! The man who will batter the Klitschko's in a round a piece!


Oh, I seem to have gone temporarily insane!


Being serious for a moment, how can the BBBofC allow him to box on? He's a disgrace who embarrasses himself and the sport with his dreadful, pant-crapping performances.


Brentwood is only 15mins from me, I might pop down there on fight night with some tar and feathers...

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Don't even bother reporting on his fights, and he might go away.

Like he should have done years ago.



So you don't want a Press pass to this one? mlol/


Haha, thanks Rob, but I think I'll have to pass...even if it was all expenses paid and VIP passes to the fight with a free bar, it would still be a pretty lousy evening with Audley topping the bill!! mlol/

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