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mr.blondes super 6 impressions from o2 world


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hi lads,as u know i visited the o2 world arena in berlin yesterday...first of all,this arena is amzing, tho its pretty "small"..only 20.000 seats...but when the main event started,the atmosphere got heatet up,u could feel the adrenaline in the air....many german celebs. were there and also a lot of sauerland pros.,the likes of kessler,valuev,sylvester,huck,kozc,oral..ive tried to get a pic of me and mikkel kessler but the security guards didnt let me get close enough to him...i was a bit frustrated..but ok,life goes on...at least i managed to get a pic of me and marco huck,ive met him at the vip-lounge after the main event and he was very friendly. we talked a bit,he invited me to non alcohol coktail and he gave me an autograph,i wished him the best and good luck in his carreer..he is a cool guy,never expected that from him...me and my mates had great seats,12th row, so we could see everything in and around the ring,the ring was about 20 meters away from us,we had a great view on that seats..it was an outstanding event at the 02 world,although it turned out to pure chaos as we left the arena and almost all of the nearly 20.000 visitors were leaving at the same time....the parking area looked like a battlefield...ive made some pics i want to show you,bad thing my batterys ran out at the beginning of the main event,but i will get some more pics from my mates cam. soon... ok,here are some pics...














this is me,marco huck and my mate(im the guy on the left side:-)


ps:the arena is really worth a visit...greeetz,the blonde one......

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