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Paul Williams: "I Want Mayweather, Hopkins, Mosley&quot


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Paul Williams: "I Want Mayweather, Hopkins, Mosley"


By Mark Vester


Paul "The Punisher" Williams has a tough fight in front of him on December 5, when he challenges WBO/WBC middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Williams tells BoxingScene.com's Bill Emes that he wants to fight all of the big names, including Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shane Mosley, Bernard Hopkins and even Arthur Abraham. He wants all of the big names.


"If you say you the best, you should fight the best and give the fans their monies worth. I would love to fight Floyd. I would love Mosley. Mosley called Floyd out and I'm calling Mosley out. I would love to fight Bernard Hopkins, Abraham, any of those guys. Any of those big name guys, top guys - I want a shot at them. I don't plan to do this until I'm 50-years-old. I want to get mine and get out," Williams said.


Williams tells BoxingScene that his strategy is set for Pavlik. He plans to outwork the bigger man by throwing ten punches for every single punch that Pavlik manages to throw inthe fight.


"The one or two punches that he gets in, I'm going to hit him with 4,5,6 punches. I'm going to outwork him," Williams said.


He is not concerned with Pavlik's power. Williams said that he sparred in the past with much bigger fighters and was able to take their power.


"I'v really been hit by heavyweights. I trained with heavyweights when I first started out. I've sparred with heavyweights and light heavyweights and they hit me pretty good. Also, you can't hit what you can't see," Williams said.


Williams is not going to pay attention to Pavlik's loss to Bernard Hopkins.


"I've seen the fight. He could have had an off night like I did [with Carlos Quintana]. You can't say that 'Williams will do the same thing.' You just have to go in there and prove it on that night," Williams said.




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the mayweather fight will never happen unless williams gets KO'd like 3 times in a row and is completely shot. hopkins could happen if the roy jones fight doesnt happen, since bhop has no problem bringing up smaller fighters. the mosley fight could happen if berto, mayweather, or cotto/pacquiao, wont fight shane.


he needs to concentrate on pavlik right now

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