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Who is the future of the Heavyweight division?


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Tyson Fury could have a couple more fights and retire. Usyk is 35 and we will see what happens once he fights Fury in 2023. Wilder and Joshua two strong and established contenders. Plenty of potential fights between these four, over the next two years. Joe Joyce likely to be in the mix as well.
Once the dust has settled, who will be the boxers to take the division forward, in the second half of the decade, in your opinion?






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I love me some Sanchez and Bakole, like everyone else, but they are both somewhat one-dimensional come-forward wrecking machines.  With questionable gas tanks.   Dangerous, but maybe not hard to figure out for a truly elite opponent.   Of the two, I'd actually favor Bakole as I think his offense is more varied.  


There's a guy rarely noticed, from Ubekistan, named Bakhodir Jalolov.   Oh BABY,  this guy looks good.  A 6'7" Southy with a huge reach, (listed as 81" but looks much longer to me)  massive power, and he moves like a middleweight.

- But with the standard caveat that he has yet to face a truly credible opponent.


And maybe Fabio Wardley.  - The guy put away Nick Webb & Nathan Gorman,  which is a decent statement.  He has pretty much all of Anderson's attributes, he's just not as well-known and probably not as well-connected.


And Ivan Dychko, if he management can ever actually get him some decent opponents.

Plus if we're talking the whole decade, I think Sonny Conto might make some serious noise.  - But way too early to tell for sure.

Gassiev is still a wild card, but probably not on track to the top of the heap.

Three other longshots:   Otto Wallin,  Peter Milas, and Vladyslav Sirenko.



Forget Joyce & Dubios.  Not a chance.

That POS Hrgovic has recently been exposed, so forget him too.

Jared Anderson.


He still has a little work to do, but I think he has the overall best skillset and physical attributes of any current HW on our radar.

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Assuming Fury and Usyk send each other off to retirement - they're gonna make a boatload - Joyce is next in line for a shot at the big time - who hasn't already gotten one - but age is working against him. If he manages to grab the prize, his reign isn't likely to last long. Wilder is the same age but has more staying power imo. As we know he's beaten everyone he's faced not named Fury. AJ's still only 33; expect he'll get back in the elite picture and still has time on his side. No one ranked in the teens or 20s does much for me tbh. I still wouldn't sleep on Lerena. Got Usyk-like skills and I see the division trending away from the monster-sized superheavyweights giving guys like Lerena more of a chance to win with boxing skills and volume punching.

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^  I forgot about Lerena.


He certainly has skills, and he certainly beat the Dubious one. -  But I can't imagine him getting past guys like Anderson and Bakole.  Also, the fact that he got so obviously robbed against DD means that his management probably isn't hooked-in enough.  


He'll probably end up a very high-level gatekeeper.

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- - Joyce now the Big Dog in the division would beat Blubber at this point, so likely is ducked. 

Not sure AJ who has never ducked anybody would fight him, and could be neither would Usyk who outpointed him after Olympics.

Joe biggest problem is signing with Fwank and Haymon. Either/or is bad enough, but both may be a career ender at his advanced age. 

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Joe Joyce couldn't beat his own meat.


Old slow-hands has made a career out of beating B-level guys, and a few big names past their prime.

He looked like dog poo against Dubois,  it's just that Dubois looked even worse.

I do like his lateral movement and head slips, (remnants of the great Cuban trainer Ismael Salas)  and his body attack,  but that's about it.

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