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Why isn't this beast getting a shot?


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Well Warrington did rematch Lara but but it ended prematurely due to a head clash. No doubt, however, Lara's been done wrong by the business side. He's not marketable - even in Mexico - and was unlucky that the Warrington win didn't net him an alphabet belt (Warrington had relinquished his title prior to that match). Based on merit, i.e. who beat whom, the top two featherweight for me are Lara and Rey Vargas, who beat Magsayo who had in turn beaten Russell. But neither has the combination of both at least a marginal fanbase and promoter backing. So the plum fights go to Navarrete, Wood and Warrington. The more time passes since the Warrington KO, the further it fades from memory. Think Srisaket. What did two wins over Chocolatito get him? Squat. All Lara can do is keep winning and force Hearn's hand.

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