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R.I.P. to former World Champion Moises Fuentes passes away at 37.


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I remember that fight and how it shone a light on all that's wrong with matchmaking and boxing commissions. A 36-year-old (at the time) who hadn't fought in 3 years, been ko'd in his last 2, fighting a punching machine 16 years younger. Set up to make Cuellar look good, they certainly accomplished that But at what cost? Fuentes's family should pursue the WBC and the Mexican commission(s) - state, local or both whichever approved the fight (they'd probably both point the finger at the other) - for wrongful death. The WBC sanctioned the fight for its youth title. So Fuentes would have been their youth champion had he won? The easy disclaimer is Fuentes - any fighter for that matter - consented to the fight and accepts the risks. I don't know what kind of legal precedent there is in this area; but if there's isn't, try to create one. Fuentes didn't belong in that ring that night. RIP Moy.

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- - I saw the cutest pic of Moises outfitted with one of his gloves on his little toddler boy where they're touching gloves as to fight. Jr was beaming to the universe now left with that vague memory. 

Yeah, be righteous if Fat Son of Jose is investigated and charged, but his pockets deep likely already guaranteed the family a monthly income.


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