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Decent night of Boxing


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Saturday 12th November 2022
19:00 Live on SkySports Arena from Manchester Arena, Manchester, England.
Dalton Smith 12-0 vs Kaisee Benjamin 16-1-1
Natasha Jonas 12-2-1 vs Marie Eve Dicaire 18-1
Tyler Denny 14-2-3 vs Bradley Rea 14-0

02:45 Live on BTSport 1 from Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Zhanibek Alimkhanuly 12-0 vs Denzel Bentley 17-1-1
Raymond Muratalla 15-0 vs Miguel Contreras 12-1-1

03:00 Live on DAZN from Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, Cleveland, USA.
Montana Love 18-0-1 vs Steve Spark 15-2
Christian Tapia 15-0 vs Thomas Mattice 19-3-1
Raymond Ford 12-0-1 vs Sakaria Lukas 25-1-1
Richardson Hitchins 14-0 vs Yomar Alamo 20-1-1

All with UK coverage. 🙂




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A nice showcase for contenders. I've long said there was never anything wrong with being a contender but in the age of superfluous world titles, promoters feel no one knows you if you don't at least have a secondary belt. Think David Morrell for example.

As for the fights Montana Love gets an opponent designed to make him look good. Spark was setup as a patsy for Tim Tszyu a while back, and if Love is worth anything he'll subject Spark to similar treatment.

Bentley gets a chance to fight in America through his promoter's - Queenberry - connections with TopRank. A tall assignment as Janibek is a tough SOB. But Bentley answered the call when Warren gauged whether any of his fighters were interested in fighting abroad; he's not merely on an American adventure or in it for a bigger payday (although that doesn't hurt). While victory is unlikely, he's taking a shot at making a splash at the outskirts of the top 10 at 160. Good for him. That's why they stage the fights; you never know.

Dalton Smith is a highly skilled fighter; a bit further along than Benjamin who's been with Hennessey. A solid match of top Brits on the cusp of world contention. Smith is likely a bit too much for Benjamin to handle at this stage but you never know what a fighter might be holding back through his develomental years. Have at it; should attract a healthy British audience.

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--- Sheesh Happens in Hometown fights sometimes, so..... 










LoveyDovey DQed after getting beat up and knocked down in his homecoming, bumrushed Spark over the ropes onto the ring floor.

Good fight with a dramatic ending.

*** In Floydy exhibition he beat up an Englishman with tittles. Tommy Fury on the undercard filled his shorts again unable to make weight, but with Big John there ripping off his shirt to jiggle slackjawed spectators, he challenged the mocking Jake Paul since little Tommy apparently can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag with big Ty on another bender.


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Seems Montana was expecting an easy showcase in front of his home crowd. Spark had other ideas. It was a close fight and Love was getting back into it after the knockdown but he got frustrated and lost the plot. DQ was proper imo. Love not ready for prime time and showed he doesn't deal well with adversity. Spark historically has had relatively short camps for many of his fights. Not the case this time and he showed what he's truly capable of. Perhaps he learned something about himself. Allow for proper preparation and he can make some noise at 140.

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