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Potential War this Saturday


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As we know Lara snuck up on everyone by taking out Warrington. He's been done wrong since then because he's not as marketable as the guy he starched so he's not gotten his deserved title shot. He's the better fighter; the BoxRec ratings don't lie. Does he struggle for motivation because he should be fighting for larger stakes? He's taken care of business since the failed rematch with Warrington - premature finish due to head clash - and he's fighting in his backyard. Signs point to him keeping his nose to the grindstone and staying on track toward his goal.

The featherweight division has been shockingly neglected for years. Believe it or not but you've got to go back to Nicholas Walters losing the title on the scales for the last time there was a clear champion. Since then the paths led to Warrington and Gary Russell who've since been displaced by Lara on one trajectory and ultimately Rey Vargas on the other. I'd just as soon see Lara vs Vargas and that would clear up the top of the division for me. But if they want to take another crack at the Lara-Warrington rematch, go for it. Vargas is in the PBC universe anyway so there's little hope of cross-pollination. Same for Navarrete at TopRank. Outsiders need not apply. But that's a topic for the Problems With Boxing thread!

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