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Murray v Thaxton


Murray v Thaxton  

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Well guys theres a big domestic fight on this weekend so who do you think is going to win?


Heres my opinion for what its worth.


Murray wins by stoppage. I have a lot of respect for Thaxton good all round honest pro though i do feel it is now time for him to hang up the gloves.


He has been in a lot of wars and this fight should of happened a while back IMO though we are where we are.


Saying that, Murray doesnt really know how to move his head so will no doubt be leading with it same as usual and Thaxton has a decent enough dig so he could get cought if he's not carefull.


Ill stick with my prediction though and say Murray stoppage late rounds after wearing Thaxton down.

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JOHN Murray will seek to regain the British title he lost on the scales in June on Saturday.


But the Manchester lightweight's ambitions go way beyond domestic affairs and should he overcome Jon Thaxton at Altrincham, his attentions will immediately turn to European and world title shots.


In his own mind Murray feels he should already be competing at the highest level, like his long-term rival Amir Khan.


Indeed, he claimed he would not challenge for the British title again after he was stripped of it for coming in almost two ounces overweight for his defence against Scott Lawton.


But the chance to take on the only man to challenge his status as the number one British lightweight was too great to ignore.


Thaxton, a former European champion who once took Ricky Hatton the distance, represents Murray's most testing opponent to date and will prove the clearest indication of the 24-year-old's claims that he is ready to make the step-up from the British scene.


Murray sees it as the perfect opportunity to put behind him the controversy of the Lawton fight and make a statement of his intentions.



"I'm the British number one and the only person out there to dispute that is Jon Thaxton," he said.


"I'm going to go out there on Saturday and take care of him before moving on to better things.


"I want to be European champion, but I'm even looking past that at world titles.


"I'm going to put on a great performance and there is no reason why I can't challenge for a world title in the next 12 months.


"Thaxton has been on the fringe of being a world class fighter for a decade and a lot of people think he should still be European champion."


Murray admits he has been frustrated by his lack of title opportunities, particularly as he has had to watch Khan rise through the ranks at doublequick speed.


A clash between the two has long-been mooted, with Khan's trainer, Freddie Roach, hinting that a bout could take place in December.


While Murray hopes to regain his British title, he also hopes to secure a European title clash with Anthony Mezaache, with purse bids being submitted that same night. And he is convinced that victory against Thaxton will force boxing's biggest names to take him on.


"I could have moved on more quickly than I have," he said.


"I think I've been held back by politics but my time is coming."

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