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Hopkins 4 Part Series "Exposing" Boxing(whilst working for Oscar)


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--- Poppy don't disappoint with his rambling free verse, scrambled allegoric imaging, and mangled English. 

Comments are priceless!


Oscar De La Hoya told Fightnews.com® at the weigh-in for the Ortiz-McKinson fight a few weeks ago, that Ortiz Jr. was now the mandatory from all sanctioning bodies to get a shot at the 147lb title held by Errol Spence Jr. [WBC, IBF, WBA] and Terence Crawford [WBO].

Bernard Hopkins shared his thoughts on what that means for Ortiz Jr. and his potential crack at the welterweight title.

“It is worth it right now [getting Ortiz Jr. mandatory status by all sanctioning bodies]. Any other time, I would be like, ah ok, it’s an incentive to get one person and everyone sitting there waiting for someone to come next and I’m in that position. And that statement I support, and it is clear. It’s not end all, be all.”


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BHop in danger of traveling down the road of Don King double talk. I get the sense that one thing is in his head and something else comes out of his mouth. He doesn't articulate what he seems to be thinking. He may have salient points to make but he dances around them. Of course as a boxing promoter he may be doing this intentionally. I get what he's driving at. He's trying to pierce the secretive PBC veil. But he's really just a promoter advocating for his fighter. I don't think it's premature for Ortiz to rise to the top of the alphabets' rankings. It often takes a long time for mandatories to actually get their shot. Why not get the ball rolling.

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