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Fury "issues" 7 day Deadline to Usyk


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Laughable. Now he's unretiring and re-retiring in two paragraphs. And he thinks he's a sanctioning organization setting deadlines? As I said in another thread can we just stop reporting everything this guy says. Until he signs a contract it's all nonsense.

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7 hours ago, robprosser said:

I think the fight will happen. Fury wins easily for me. Bigger than Joshua and with faster hands. He won't be bothered and frustrated by Usyk's constant motion in the way Joshua was.

Flubber after having been KOed by Jake Paul now channeling l'l Tommy pulling out of fights he promised right and left, the last one being poor Chisora whose team sent a contract. 

Last days of Ali when he wasn't all there 2.0 Deja Vu all over again.


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