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Interesting News; Canelo Alvarez wants Usyk at Cruiserweight!

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Three words for Canelo. Just shut up! Don't be like Fury and verbalise every foolish thought that enters your head. Concentrate on mastering 168. You've already failed against the second best at 175. I get where Usyk's coming from in a way. He said himself - in all hyperbole - that if he's not fighting Fury he's not fighting at all. Sure he's got his mind on making as much money as he can. But there'll be more heavyweight challengers on the horizon and heavyweight's where the megabucks are. Usyk's the man now and his backstory is promotional gold. He calls the shots.

Canelo's multi-divisional circus act has a shelf life. Canelo at 200? There aren't enough pinatas to feast on to get him there. Or perhaps he could take some tips from Ruiz.

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On 8/21/2022 at 3:16 PM, The_budweiser said:

I know Usyk said he wanted Tyson Fury or its bust, meaning retirment. Canelo-Usyk has to be a win-win for both boxers as there's plenty of money to make it worth while for Usyk and possibly a rematch clause inserted means even more money.


--- The Canelo/Usyk boat sunk with Bivol. 

Gonna need a great effort to KO GGG.

Usyk should retire the ultimate Ukrainian hero leaving the Blubber of Fury to be hauled off to the rendering yard.

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