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Khan says Pacquiao is too fast and strong for Mayweather


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Amir Khan has backed his training mate Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather Jr if the super-fight, which has boxing fans the world over drooling, was ever made.


Khan, the WBA light welterweight champion, returned to Los Angeles to begin training under Freddie Roach and sparring with Pacquiao in preparation for the Filipino’s bout against Miguel Cotto.


The Bolton boxer maintained that despite being impressed by Mayweather’s points victory in the mismatch against Juan Manuel Marquez, his money would be on Pacquiao if the pair ever met and hopes to be in the position to take them on himself in the not too distant future.


“It was brilliant, Floyd is a great fighter,” said the 22-year-old on Mayweather’s victory over Marquez.


"Coming back and having the pressure of not being in the ring for a year and a half - I think he looked better than before he retired.


"Boxing is exciting, with these champions coming forward and back in the ring. It's an addiction that boxing gives you.


"Floyd Mayweather called it a day and never wanted to look at boxing again, and a year and a half later he's back in the ring again and is still classed as one of the very best in the world.


"I train alongside Manny Pacquiao who is also classed as one of the best in the world - what a fight that would be. It's all brewing up for one big fight.


"But I'm the same weight as well and one day in the future maybe there could be a fight down the line for me.


"At the moment we're taking our time and Salita is hopefully the next man for me,” said Khan. "But from there the tougher fights and the bigger names will start coming. In a year's time I think I'll be in the same mix as them with the likes of Marquez, Mayweather and Manny."


Khan believes Pacquiao's speed and power he brings with it would the deciding factor if he was to meet Mayweather.


"I've trained with both of them, and I have to back my guy - my guy is Manny Pacquiao and I think Manny might take the fight with his speed," Khan said.


"A lot of people forget that speed is power. You can't take it away from Mayweather, who is a fast fighter. But when you take speed, with amount of punches you throw - Manny throws a lot of punches with speed, whereas Mayweather is more a single-shot fighter.


"He's still quick, but I don't think single shots will keep Manny Pacquiao away from Mayweather, whereas I know combinations will push Mayweather back.


"I would say the fight looks 60% towards Manny's favour, and he's been more active, in the ring more.


"Mayweather's performance coming back from retirement looked great though, and that was one fight - maybe in the second fight he might look even better. Time will tell."

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well theres no surprise with what ive read really Its hardly like hes going to say Mannys got no chance then go the Wildcard gym and explain his interview to the Pacman whilst he beats him round the ring in sparing.


Saying that though he's entitled to his opinion as much as the next man and theres alot of people out there that fancy Manny and not just his rabid filipino support.


I on this occasion disagree and will take PBF everyday of the week

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