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George Kambosos Jr vs Devin Haney This Weekend.

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--- I say this weekend because it will be Sunday in Down Under Oz time meaning sometime Saturday in our top heavy Western World.


Kambo looks a bit flimsy, but the guy is a Tiger as he showed against El Feo Teo.


Haney a classic American runner/stinker sitting on his WBC Email belt Administratively upgraded to Regular by the WBC, the collective record of those two opponents 23-0.


Need I remind all that Haney is the replacement for the fantastical original Lomachenko fight when Russia invaded Ukraine that prompted Loma to enter the Ukrainian Military.


Haney gonna fade late like he did vs Linares while George picks up the pace for the win. What sayeth Forum experts?



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Haney's got a long way to travel. His opponent's got home ring advantage. Haney will have neither his dad nor Ben Davidson with him Down Under though Davidson was involved in Haney's camp. Haney's the better fighter for me, but can he overcome these hurdles? How has Kambosos handled becoming king of the lightweights? Has he remained focused? It probably helps he was able to go home and has this defense in his backyard. He'd certainly be motivated to avoid being embarrassed in front of his home fans. But I think the difference in quality between Haney and Kambosos carries the day and Haney takes the title. He's proven to be a highly driven and determined individual in his last few high level fights. I think we'll see him at his best and that beats Kambosos's best in my view. Of course, Haney will have to do it again to establish himself at lightweight champ since Kambosos has the rematch clause in his favor.
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