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Soviet Germans: Dimitri Sartison


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It turns out I was wrong: there WAS another Soviet German who won a world title and his name is DIMITRI SARTISON. His reign wasn't very long however, but he had some success. Sartison was the WBA super middle champion between 2009 and 2011. Before winning that title, he also fought Mikkel Kessler for the same title and almost lasted the distance but was stopped in the very last round. He would also lose in his last fight for the same title in that same way, to Karoly Balzsay. Let's find out more about this Soviet or Kazakh-German.


He was born in the mining town of Rudny (the name itself means "mining place" or "ore place") in northern Kazakhstan, 4 February 1980-yet another from that same generation! He moved to Hamburg in Germany presumably as a child, after the collapse of Soviet Union or just after Germany was united into one country perhaps. He stands 177 cm or 5ft9 and a half inch. As amateur, Sartison was the German middleweight champion in 2002 and before that he won the silver at light middleweight at the world junior championships in Argentina. His amateur record is 95-18-2. Sartison was a strongly built and tough boxer, like fellow Soviet-German Robert Stieglitz, who had enough power and skills to break into the major league, but not enough to stay there for a long time. He was also trained by Magomed Schaburow and managed by Dietmar Poszwa. He debuted as a pro in 2003, fighting as a super middleweight. He would remain in this division for the most of his career. After going 22-0 and along the way beating the likes of Gusmyr Perdomo (another Kessler-opponent) by UD10 and Pablo Daniel Nievas by TKO8, he got a major fight against Mikkel Kessler himself, for the vacant WBA title. Kessler had previously held this title but had lost it in a big unification fight against Joe Calzaghe, November 2007. This fight happened 21 June 2008, in Brondby, Denmark. It proved Sartison yet had a long way to go as Kessler steadily and slowly broke him down, despite Sartison proving to be game, and in the end he put him down in the eleventh before stopping him in the twelfth round by KO. Sartison then won three more fights, before getting the chance to win that same title, which was left vacant after Kessler got promoted to super champion. Oddly enough, it would be on that same night, 21 November 2009, that Kessler would lose his super title to Andre Ward, that Sartison became a world champion by stopping Stjepan Bozic after swelling his left eye so bad that the fight was stopped by the doctor after 5 rounds. In his first defense, Sartison took on the very tough and aggressive Khoren Gevor, a former middleweight top contender. The fight happened 31 July 2010 in Hamburg and Sartison retained his title by UD12, after Gevor got one point deducted in the sixth.


He then vacated his title in July 2011, probably because he had problems making the weight. He had two fights above 168, against minor fighters, winning them both. He then chose to return to 168 and took on the now-reigning WBA-champ Karoly Balzsay. Like against Kessler, he got stopped by TKO12, on 21 April 2012 in Schwerin, Germany. After that, he returned briefly to 175, winning two fights, one by decision and the last one by KO2, before finally retiring in late 2013. His record is 31 wins, 19 by ko, and 2 losses. Dimitri Sartison definitely was a good fighter, but, like everybody else who was based in Germany, his career was limited by the fact that he didn't get to fight that many of the best fighters-since most of them were based in USA and were reluctant to fight in Germany because at that time their judging was very biased. He proved his worth by almost lasting the distance against a destroyer like Kessler, while Kessler was still in his prime. And that is why he belongs here, because he was a SOVIET GERMAN BOXER!



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