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Just How Hard Is It For Aspiring Boxers To Reach The Top?

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I see it all the time on the internet. Young and hungry fighters asking what is the way for them to ultimately become successful in boxing. This level of ambition is to be admired, whatever their individual abilities are. It's always great to have a dream to aim for and achieve whatever field you're interested in.


But in boxing, it is especially hard to become a king.


These days, it seems that anybody can win a title of some sort. Taking into account every level from the bottom to the very top, there are over six thousand belts! Even the top two out of the three main sanctioning bodies have varying versions of their titles. For example....




By Lee Daley (Skav)

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I don't think they stand much of a chance, to be honest, unless they get in on the ground floor with an influential promoter. Or perhaps come from a country where one of the sanctioning bodies is based. The boxing industry is the most individual of sports; the fighters are pretty much left to fend for themselves. Management controls everything; there's no association of any kind that advocates for boxers. But every champion needs an opponent; even where the cards are deliberately stacked against the B-side, it's up to the individual fighter, typically set up to lose, to take advantage of his opportunity. Then he becomes the darling of the promoter - who probably has options on him in the unlikely event he wins - even if for a short time (until his next loss). But what's happened as a result of the pandemic is the bottom levels of the boxing food chain/ecosystem have fallen away. I think that makes it even more difficult for aspiring to get in on the ground floor.
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