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Artur Beterbiev vs Marcus Browne & Mighty Joe Parker vs Derek Chisora


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One scorecard 114-112 with three knockdowns??? :noidea:



That was absurd, for sure.


At the same time, IMO most folks are giving Parker WAY too much credit for his performance, saying that he won every round and such.

I didn't score it, but think Chisora probably won maybe 4-5 rounds. He definitely won the last round. which speaks to the incredible guts he's always shown.


Parker's punch technique has definitely improved (Proving beyond a doubt that Kevin Barry is a charlatan) but his defense still has a loooong way to go. - Which is why Del Boy was able to land so much.

He also still wastes too much energy trying to punch through his opponent's guard, instead of feinting and moving and creating true openings. (Again, Kevin Barry being clueless) - Which is why I think Del Boy won more rounds than most folks are saying.


But at least Andy has gotten Parker's power up. His overall aggression and output have also improved. He looks more like when he first burst onto the scene years ago.

So one step at a time. Andy even said post-fight that they still have a lot of work to do, obviously meaning (primarily) defense.

Parker is (shockingly, to me) still only 29 y-o, so maybe he can still make an impact at the top-end of the division, with a LOT of work.




Final parting thought: I think I'm finally a Chisora fan! Beside his incredible balls, I was massively entertained by that stuff he was pulling in the corner. Kind of a brilliant strategy, when fighting a one-dimensional opponent and when you'r not a "back foot" counterpuncher: Go to the corner, so your opponent can't use angles, get low, and prepare to slip his attack then counter with an uppercut. Parker looked positively flummoxed every time Del Boy did this. It was really something to see.

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- - Truth is Dell looked like he was dying on his stool and in the ring most of the bout. Never seen a fighter look so gone as that.


Fight a mop up gimmee for his fans and retire. He make some good purses and fights and has likely the stiffest competition of all heavies today, so no need for another cannon fodder sad story....

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