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Deontay Wilder vs Alen Babic !


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Deontay seems to be in the 230lbs range now - 238lbs in his last fight. Alen Babic is up to 214lbs. No problem with them fighting, it'd be fun. Though, I had thought Deontay could go for the Bridgerweight belt but, maybe, he won't get back down in weight.

Oscar Rivas vs Deontay Wilder would be another fun fight. Ryan Rozicki vs Alen Babic in an eliminator to meet the winner?

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Rivas - Wilder would be an interesting matchup, if only because they have such completely different styles.


- But Rivas would be a fool to take such a fight, unless it was a title shot. His defense isn't very good, (though better than a few years ago) and he's particularly susceptible to a right hand down the middle.



And FWIW - I can't believe Rivas-Whyte wasn't changed to a N/C. Only in boxing can a fighter be found guilty of PEDs use, and the record not be changed.

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