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Gassiev vs Wallisch


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I'm just preparing to watch this fight (thanks as always to our resident heros for the upload.)


So no opinion yet of course, but HOW BLOODY COOL is it to see Valuev as one of the commentators? I love it. He seems like a very friendly and cool guy. Nice to see he still has a career in the sport.

(Has he been doing this all along?)





Anyway, for those that saw the fight, what do you think of Gassiev's chances at HW?


IMO, his reach is just too short to compete with today's giants, though it sure would be nice to have a modern version of Joe Frasier. Gassiev is still (surprisingly) fairly young at 27, and he seemed very comfortable in his last fight at around 230 lbs, and still visually trim, so who knows?

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So nobody has an opinion on Gassiev?


Geez, tumbleweeds blowing through this forum......


Well, he looks awfully good at HW to me. He still moves really crisp, still has excellent accuracy and nice defensive head movement.


Who knows, maybe he'll be a better HW than he was at CW. A HW rematch with Usyk would be very interesting.

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Thought Wallisch boxed and moved well. Despite his record, against names, he was there to win. Murat bided his time, though easy to hit. Has a pretty patient approach. The power looked good but Wallisch tends to fold to power.


Gassiev is a welcome addition to the division and, I think, he will be manoeuvred up the rankings. Not sure how it all ends but some fantastic fights out there, to find out.

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