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After yesterday's statement from head-the-ball Fury that he's parted ways with Daniel Kinahan (and if anyone believes that for one minute, they are sadly disillusioned), Fury makes a bizarre Instagram post today of a poorly photoshopped poster/picture declaring 'Dan For PM'. Is he back on Daniel's freebies ?


And if anyone also believes that the Scottish fake-bake tan tycoon Sandra McClumpha actually runs MTK Global, and not Daniel Kinahan, then they too need to book themselves into the Priory rehab centre because they've done too much gear as well.


7th April, 2020


McClumpha: "Mr Kinahan has no interest in (or association with) MTK whatsoever."


"I deny unequivocally MTK's association with any criminal enterprise."


"As CEO of MTK, I have never had to assist the police with any criminal enquiries, whether about an association with Mr Kinahan or otherwise. The business of MTK is commercial and entirely legitimate in every way possible."


Tell that to the Irish CAB, the FBI and the US-DEA when they come a-knocking, Sandra. :thumb:


Her ex partner with whom she has 2 kids by is Kevin Kelly. 2 interesting reads...








Meanwhile, Kinahan puppet and apologist Stalker tweets regarding Joshua/Fury: "Daniel Kinahan remains a trusted advisor to many of boxing's most prominent figures and entities and is currently endeavouring to remove the barriers of promotional affiliations to get the fight made - possibly in the Middle East, where boxing is burgeoning."


Is boxing burgeoning in Ireland, Thomas ? The homeland of your boss, Daniel ? The country he now daren't set foot in. If he's such an innocent man why won't he go back to Ireland? He was also on bail from Spanish authorities when he entered Dubai (illegally). He is wanted for questioning in Ireland, England, Spain, Holland and Belgium and is banned from entering the USA along with 27 named associates.


How many MTK cards involving your 29 Irish boxers are planned for Ireland in 2020/21, Thomas ?


Puppet Stalker: June 2020: "So I feel that now is a good time to make a comment. Speaking personally on a friend of mine who I've known professionally and socially for seven years, the Daniel Kinahan that I know is not the man that some in the press are painting him as."


Best get reading then Thomas and school yourself- if you can read:


The Irish government has asked authorities in America and the UK to use their political influence to help gardai pursue international drug trafficker Daniel Kinahan, who has become a big-time promoter in professional boxing.


The move is part of a diplomatic strategy to build a 'coalition' of governments and international policing agencies with influence over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, from where Kinahan is organising boxing events.


Last week Tyson Fury, the British world champion heavyweight, thanked the Dublin criminal for organising a two-fight deal with Anthony Joshua, worth potentially £230m+ , the richest boxing title fight in history.


Garda Headquarters is now liaising with the US Drug Enforcement Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on how best to pursue the 42-year-old Dubliner.


By John Mooney, The Sunday Times, 14 June 2020


|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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---At least there's still France for his underpants.


Just about right... default-madlol.gif

until his EU arrest warrant gets issued.


|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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Developments by the hour...........things move fast in the international organized crime world.


Beginning of last week - KHK - a Bahraini royal family owned sports company, after having announced Kinahan as a 'special advisor' 10 days previously, sack him off citing its "integrity" and "principles".


End of last week it was announced by MTK - yea the company DK has no business dealings with - that Kinahan would play no further role in negotiations for a 2 fight AJ/Fury deal. And will be pursuing 'other interests' default-madlol.gif You couldn't make this up. Back to the boring, daily grind of multi-million £ cocaine shipments, arms shipments, money laundering and the ongoing feud with 20 lives already lost, and according to Gardai, 75 foiled assassination attempts.




1- Sandra Vaughan (McClumpha, fake bake tan tycoon) - who "purchased the company" - she claimed, in 2017 has now walked away from it (MTK)! Like you do.......describing it as a "transitional phase in the business". But no buy-out mentioned - go figure. Rat leaving the sinking ship trying to avoid money laundering charges.


2- President Bob Yalen now replaces her as MTK CEO (within a matter of minutes). With no buy-in mentioned. MTK has nothing to do with Daniel Kinahan, but they do press releases for him and actively try to clean up his image when it does not benefit them whatsoever to have any connection to him amid these allegations. :noidea:


3- The Special Court in Dublin sentences another 3 Kinahan associates for a total of 19 years for involvement in the execution of Patrick 'Patsy' Hutch in 2018, part of the ongoing Kinahan-Hutch feud. Bringing the total now to 8 sentenced off for this one murder alone.




4- MTK (formally MGM) Marbella announces permanent closure with immediate effect. The gym that spawned MTK. DK opened it with out-of-his depth frontman, Matthew Macklin. Whom MM claimed at the time DK was his 'best friend'. Raided in 2010 as part of a Spanish Police faux-crackdown on organized crime while accepting €50k/week from DK. Had to change name to MTK after a legal writ was issued by MGM Studios in USA. If it can be proved any money was laundered thru it whilst MM was a partner then he will be sentenced too come judgement day. Jamie Moore was also shot whilst leaving a party at Kinahan's villa in a case of mistaken identity (DK was the intended target of the botched hit, as indeed he also was at the Regency), whilst training at the gym in 2014.



5- All references to MTK removed from Carl Frampton's official account, Hmmm. Trying to avoid the early knock on the door by the battering ram for complicity in money laundering, Carl? Maybe too late for the whitewash, mate.



Icing on the cake 14:30PM:


Asst Commissioner for Special Criminal Operations, John O'Driscoll announces at a special press briefing that "what is clear is that the KOCG (Kinahan Organized Crime Group) has wreaked havoc on the communities (of Ireland)." "It is ultimately our aim to dismantle the entire crime group". DK is also a named target for the Irish CAB, US-DEA and FBI.


Tuesday - half baked promise:


Kinahan ass licker, and apologist, BJS threatens to walk away from boxing if DK is not involved in his negotiations. Don't threaten it you moron - FCKN DO IT !


|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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It would be a nice warm up fight for Canelo. Surely not a blockbuster ppv event. The pikie would be running and spoiling for 12 rounds. If it did go ahead it would be nice to see Canelo level him early. Maybe a fight for the Dazn UK re-re-launch ?


|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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It would be a nice warm up fight for Canelo. Surely not a blockbuster ppv event. The pikie would be running and spoiling for 12 rounds. If it did go ahead it would be nice to see Canelo level him early. Maybe a fight for the Dazn UK re-re-launch ?



It would at least be a nice test for Canelo's offense & mobility, which seems to have been improving in the last few years.

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Organized crime involved in boxing? the DUECE, you say!


Next thing, you'll be trying to tell me that some major fights are fixed.


There's a world of difference in what the Mafia were doing in the US with a few betting scams, and what Kinahan has done to Ireland. Professional boxing is virtually non-existent in the isle now because of his gang's activities.


|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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The week gets even worse for DK and MTK default-madlol.gif


- the sooner they are in grey tracksuits the sooner we can have boxing back in Ireland


2 more remanded for the second (failed) Mago hit




EncroChat hacked:




|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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Has this anything to do with the huge raids of the rich gangstas in the UK? The huge amounts of money, drugs and guns they seized or completely different?


I read the Police investigation and raids were brought forward and they had to act quickly on the info they had been compiling.


The EnchroChat raids yea - Kinahan is fucked unless he can bribe his way out of it to stay in Dubai, but recently they have given up quite a few main players to various countries wanted on arrest warrants.


Over 2 tons of gear, £54m in cash, 700+ arrested including bent coppers - just for the first, initial wave. Squeaky bum time lads.



DEA/FBI/CAB may even be targeting Kinahan Sr and Cunningham - quite possible. Then the rats will be doing deals to save their skins. They will all be lifed off.


Watch this thread for the latest developments.


|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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More agg (and evidence) piling up:




And what sort of a real man deserts his wife at a time like this, if hes the genuine businessman and hero that Billy Bullshitter and Fury will have you believe - go to Ireland and support your wife:




Feeling safe in the safe haven now DK ?




|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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Here we go, I told you things moved fast in the world of international organized crime - breaking news MONDAY:


KOCG top man in UK (on left in photo, no3 in the whole group, above Kinahan Sr's 2 sons), already in prison in UK, plus these other two inbreds all plead guilty to money laundering and drugs charges - yes, plead guilty in an Ipswich court - so are they ratting even without a trial ?


Any comments Eddie Hearn ? Bob Arum ? Billy Bullshit ? Tyson Fury ? Thomas Stalker ? Matthew Macklin ? Ben Davidson ? Sandra ? Irish PM -Elect Daniel ?






Any comments Frank ? Nice meal ? Good company ? Did you pay ? If not have you benefitted from the proceeds of crime ?


............just sayin' (might be a laugh when your beak is full of free powda, but in the cold light of day ?)




|| Lets get the Kinahan mob and MTK out of boxing and bring back professional cards to Ireland ||

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Great thread Sel! Keep up the good work, I'm keeping an eye on this one.

Had a good read around a load of the links and others I found Googling re the Kinahan/Hutch fued.

Always knew MTK was started with Macklin as the boxing face of a gangster backed venture and so was pretty shocked that over the years what was a gym over in Spain became some kind of management company and then a load of top UK boxers were affiliated with them. Seemed to be glossed over the backing behind the brand.

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Thanks Ton. I wouldnt mind, but that man in particular has single handedly destroyed what is maybe the fighting Irish's national past time. Utter disgrace.


More to come in this thread. DK now strongly rumoured to have fled Dubai too on the day his mother in law was buried in Ireland, to boot.


An MTK card cannot be held in Ireland, UK, Spain, USA or Dubai now. Even the upcoming Kazakhstan card has been pulled. Why are the signed fighters still clinging on to this animal ? Although Carl Frampton, for one, has removed all references to MTK from his media channels.

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--- Was this the syndicate responsible for that knifing of Brooksie in Spain?


Seems like that was glossed over and now forgotten.


No, Bobby. That was actually in Tenerife in the Canaries group of islands. Although they are 'owned' by Spain. See below marked **


The Jamie Moore shooting in Marbella, Spain (2014-08-03) was the said syndicates enemies trying to assassinate DK, and shooting Jamie in error though, as he left DK's villa in the very early hours after a party. Moore was over in Spain to train Matthew Macklin for his upcoming Aug 10 fight at the (now closed) MGM (renamed MTK after a lawsuit), Marbella gym which was formed by DK and his "best friend" Matthew Macklin in 2012. DK had agreed to launder €12.5m for a young, hot headed exiled Dubliner from the northside called Gary Hutch but reneged on the deal and 'taxed' Gary's money. The botched DK assassination attempt that resulted in Jamie being shot, was obviously blamed on Gary Hutch and/or associates. Paul Kavanagh, uncle of Jamie the boxer headlining the main event at the Regency, was also shot dead in Dublin (2015-03-26) by his own gang, the KOCG for stealing money that he was collecting off a Drimnagh dealer that was in debt to the KOCG to just over €1m in installments. When kidnapped, texts on the dealers phone to Kavanagh sealed his fate. Jamie's father, Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh, was also shot dead previously to this in 2014 in Spain in a convoluted plot that basically made him a sacrificial lamb for the Russian mafia (too long a story for this post). Despite DK's father (Christy Sr) sanctioning the assassination of Jamie's father and DK sanctioning the assassination of Jamie's uncle, Jamie was quite happy being promoted by DK (?) Go figure.


On 2015-09-24 Gary Hutch was assassinated by the KOCG on the Costa del Sol, Spain at the The Angel de Miraflores complex at 11:30am in broad daylight in front of terrified children, women and bathers around a pool. What escalated the feud is the fact that Gary's uncle, a major North Dublin crime boss, Gerry Hutch (leader of the HOCG) had met DK face-to-face and paid the KOCG €200,000 as a sweetener not to shoot his nephew but they reneged and shot him anyway. Its also rumoured, but not confirmed (by myself) that a second installment of €200,000 was paid and again reneged on. Hence the upscaling of events that led to the Regency. Add to this: Darren Kearns was assassinated in front of his wife whilst leaving a Chinese restaurant in Dublin by the KOCG on 2015-12-30.


Hence, DK was also the intended target at the Regency Hotel, Dublin MTK Friday weigh ins event (2016-02-05) that turned into a bloodbath with 3 Kinahan gang members being shot, one fatally by HOCG lads dressed in Garda Emergency Response Unit (ERU) uniforms armed with IRA supplied automatic AK-47 assault rifles, but DK managed to flee the building - widely believed to have been tipped off by MI5 handlers via phone 12 mins before the HOCG hit squad arrived, leaving family, friends and associates to bear the brunt of the onslaught. Although one of the spotters, (now dead, natural causes) who was trying to pinpoint DK for the automatic riflemen armed with a semi automatic pistol, had stayed the night before in the hotel and didn't arrive with the hit squad. There were no Gardai on duty at the Regency, despite all the signs and writings on the wall. Hence, the more recent theory that An Garda Síochána 'wanted' DK to get whacked. Was/is he more valuable to MI5 alive and they assisted his escape and pulled rank on the Gardai?


Remember this, the backstory to all of this and THE biggest game in town, is terrorism. That's why the FBI are onto this. If the KOCG are sourcing multi million dollar shipments of heroin directly from the Turks and the Afghans - which they are - then the money trail leads back to ISIS. This aspect comes way above all the shootings and malarkey, on whichever soil/continent.


The main event of the MTK show was to have been between Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh's son, Jamie Kavanagh and Antonio João Bento for the WBO European Lightweight Title. In the 4 years since the Regency shootings there have been ~18 feud-accredited murders in Ireland and Spain (KOCG 16-2 HOCG) and 60+ foiled assassination attempts according to An Garda Síochána figures. The onslaught of revenge unleashed against the HOCG by DK is something Ireland has never seen the like of before. There was no expense spared in setting anyone up who was remotely related to the Hutch family or syndicate, even total innocents that had the same name or went to Hutch associated funerals.


DK, having fled Ireland for Spain (~2007) and then fled Spain while on bail for Dubai - has now left Dubai, mainly because of the EncroChat breach, on the day his mother-in-law was buried in Ireland. The smart money says he will resurface in Macau, which as part of China, has no extradition treaty with Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Spain, USA or England - where DK is wanted for questioning over organised crime membership/directorship, multi-million pound drugs trafficking, murder, extortion and arms trafficking offences. Apart from that, Tyson, John and Peter Fury and BJS plus Thomas Stalker and other MTK apologists think DKs a great guy. Although a few ounces of free beak goes a long way.


** The word on the street about the Brooke incident is that he propositioned a male in a toilet (washroom) whilst taking a piss. And got more than he bargained for. Despite being on holiday with his family. And he paid a king's ransom to get a subsequent press blackout on it, save for his 'official' version which hardly whitewashed the event.


His own 'official' explanation; quote:


"It was an unprovoked machete attack in the early hours of the morning by a man I met earlier that night"


Note - Peter Fury (DK apologist and ass licker):

Have a sickbag ready if you want to watch this:


He was jailed for 10 years in 1995 for possession and intent to supply class A drugs – only to continue orchestrating his business from behind bars.


In 2008 he got another 2 years for drug-related money laundering.


2012 - a court ordered him to pay back the assets and funds he had hidden from the original court case - agreed amount (but tiny tip of the iceberg) - £1.1m (laughable)


Peter set up his multi million pound amphetamine business in an industrial unit in rural Helmshore, then imported millions of pounds worth of Christy Kinahan Snr (heroin addict, and also founder of KOCG) supplied 66% pure amphetamine from Belgium on credit, cut it, then distributed it wholesale around the north of Manchester to traveller contacts.





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PHONE FAIL [h=1]Man in charge of Kinahan plot to kill Patsy Hutch took pictures of encrypted messages on his personal phone, courts hear[/h]

  • Alison O'Riordan

  • 30 Jul 2020, 21:24

THE man in charge of the Kinahan Cartel plot to murder Patsy Hutch compromised his encrypted phone by taking pictures of the messages on it with his personal mobile in case he forgot them, the Special Criminal Court heard. default-madlol.gif


A lawyer for Patrick Curtis revealed the information today about his client as he suggested it might “be a clue as to his overall mental ability”. NINTCHDBPICT000545369451-e1596140639674.jpg

3 Patrick Curtis photographed encrypted messages on his personal phone NINTCHDBPICT000545375795.jpg

3 Curtis is sharing a cell with his brother Stephen in prison NINTCHDBPICT000313969293-e1596137857865.jpg

3 Patsy HutchCredit: Crispin Rodwell - The Sun Dublin

Curtis, 38, pleaded guilty to directing the activities of a criminal organisation while Mohammed Smew, 27, admitted participating in the plot to kill Gary Hutch’s father Patsy between February 1, 2018, and March 3, 2018.


The court heard that two mobile phones were seized from Curtis’ home, which showed his role and how his orders were to be carried out by the sub-cell he was directing.

One of the phones was an encrypted Aquaris device and was unable to be accessed.


However, Det Supt David Gallagher, from the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau, said a Samsung phone also belonging to Curtis contained photographs of messages taken from the encrypted device.


Garda Gallagher said: “It was established that the person using the pseudonym ‘Lordnose’ was in communication with Patrick Curtis giving directions to him.”


One of the messages from Lordnose read: “We need a new car, the van will have to be in the night before.


"No stupid chases and you have to be back in the van at 6.50pm and this has to be military.”


Another text from Lordnose to Curtis read: “So the job is to be done on Wednesday morning.”


Curtis replied: “Yeah pal will be done Wednesday, will you make sure we have someone to do the car.”


This was a reference to Patsy Hutch’s daughter’s car at an address in Dublin 1, said prosecuting counsel Sean Gillane. [h=2]MENTAL HEALTH CONCERNS[/h] The court previously heard that the cartel had planned to lure Patsy out by attacking the car or the house.


The court also heard that Curtis has excessive compulsive disorder and a fear of being alone, which have impacted on his ability to endure jail time. Portlaoise Prison GP Dr Conor McGarry testified that Curtis had got locked in a car at age seven and broke his fingernails attempting to get.


He is the only inmate in the prison to share a cell — with his brother Stephen, also jailed for the same plot — as his anxiety levels are so bad, said Dr McGarry.


The medic also said that claustrophobia is Curtis’ main issue and putting him in a cell is like putting a man with arachnophobia in a cell with spiders.


The court also heard that Smew, of Milner’s Square, Shanowen Road, Santry, Dublin 9, had accidentally removed himself from the plot by getting arrested during heavy snow brought by Storm Emma.


The gang had been discussing the arrival of the storm amongst themselves in a Mercedes they were using to keep an eye on Hutch.


Following Smew’s arrest in March 2018, he was remanded in custody and therefore unable to take a further role in the attempted murder. [h=3][/h] "Mr Justice Tony Hunt said the best thing Smew had going for him was “getting involved in the shenanigans during the snowstorm that put him out of the picture.”


Both Curtis and Smew were remanded in custody for sentencing until August 31.


Seven others have already been jailed for their role in the murder plot.


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JAIL PLOT PROBE [h=1]Prison officer’s uniform found by gardai at Kinahan cartel safe-house in Finglas as major investigation launched[/h] EXCLUSIVE

  • Stephen Breen, Crime Editor

  • 29 Jul 2020, 7:30

A MAJOR probe is under way after a prison officer’s uniform was discovered by gardai at a Kinahan cartel safehouse.


The Irish Sun can reveal the item was recovered when local cops swooped on the pad in Finglas, north Dublin, last week. gardacompnew-1.jpg

Gardai made the discovery during a raid (Credit: Press Association)

During the raid, officers recovered small amounts of drugs, clothing and electronic equipment — but they were shocked to discover the Irish Prison Service uniform.


One theory is that the uniform was to be used by young associates of the Kinahan-backed gangster ‘Mr Flashy’ in a brazen attempt to smuggle drugs into a Dublin prison.


The raid at the property was undertaken by the divisional drug unit from Finglas Garda Station under Operation Tara.


A source said: “The discovery of this uniform is quite sinister and could have been used for a number of reasons.


“It could have been used to get drugs into the prison or for one of their associates to have more access to a prison — it could have been anything.


“It might have been used to allow someone to walk around the front of the prison to throw drugs over the wall.


“The (raided) place was also used in the past to store drugs but there’s been a lot of panic in recent days due to increased Garda activity in the area.


"The question now is to establish how people connected to organised crime had access to the clothing.” [h=2]SEARCH UNDER WARRANT[/h]

A Garda spokeswoman said: “Gardai conducted a search under warrant at a residential premises in Finglas on Monday, July 20, 2020 at approximately 10.30pm.


“A number of items were seized during the course of the search including a small quantity of suspected cannabis herb, drug paraphernalia, clothing and electronic equipment.”


Cops are now trying to establish if the uniform was stolen from a prison officer.


The property targeted in the raid has been fitted with bullet-proof windows after Mr Flashy and his mob were involved in a number of feuds.


At present, Mr Flashy remains in Dublin despite the numerous attempts on his life.


A number of his pals have already been killed in the ongoing Coolock feud.


The pad has been used by Kinahan associates in the past and was also the scene of all-night parties.


Among those who have stayed at the pad in the past are slain gangster Sean Little and Mr Flashy’s close pal, Scott Capper.


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Seems like there's news on this each week Selij...Keep the posts coming. For some reason the "like" button doesn't seem to work and throws an error but I'd thank every post on this thread if I could.


I've been getting my gf into Mafia documentaries of late! Proper gangsters, with some morals and codes :haha:

Edited by Ton
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  • 4 weeks later...

Excellent article by Paul Reynolds on the Kinahan plot to murder Patsy Hutch, brother of Gerry, simply because he was his brother.


None of this is new news, but with the jailing of the 2 leaders of the Kinahan sub cell bringing the total to 9 convicted, it pulls all the threads of the enquiry and subsequent convictions together in one neat article.




Its also the first time the hierachy of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group has been named and shamed in an Irish court, with no threats of slander interestingly from 'boxing promoter' DK.


However, he was named in a Spanish court during James Quinn's trial for the murder of Gary Hutch in 2018.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Gardai turn up Kinahan heat in 'directing crime' investigation - law change now means conspiracy to murder carries mandatory life sentence




Daniel Kinahan, who 'advises' MTK boxers here seen 'advising' associate Liam Brannigan who claims unemployment benefit (pictured in a £1500 Canada Goose jacket) The ex University of Dublin student is now currently in prison for his key role in a murder plot, acting as a middle man between an unnamed man who ordered the hit and the hit squad..


Full article on the law change designed to snare 'untouchable' crime bosses



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