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Delboy vs Usyk May 23 - O2 London


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--- Baseball stat guru Bill James been speculating on the threat of coronavirus as to when baseball will start their postponed season.


He speculates given the timelines for previous flu pandemics to peak that May is that month.


My grocer had a run on essential items yesterday that left shelves bare. If grocers have to shut down, we'll all be dependent on military rationing. Lots of media scare mongering going on and folks get unpredictably dangerous when that happens.

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--- Meanwhile as US boxing cancels, UFC seamlessly moved to studio taped fights to pay fighters and stay in business.


Only in boxing!



What major cards have been cancelled so far?


I would think that, once testing is widely available (despite the Trump administrations catastrophic failure) they could surely also have boxing without crowds. It's only 3-4 men on each side. PPV is in place, anyway.

It would be just like Douglass vs Tyson! lol...


Heck, they could even add-in fake audience noise.

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All of sport is being cancelled Bobby! Chaos.


From what I can see, the only boxing cards that have so far been postponed were a few scheduled for March. (Though I'm sure more will follow.)


As of March 11th, Artur Beterbiev vs Fanlong Meng was supposedly still on, as was Stevenson-Marriaga=, though THAT bout has now been postponed.


It's obviously a pretty fluid situation, but there has been no "blamket" cancellation of the sport.

- There isn't any organization that could do that, anyway.

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