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Rey Vargas vs Tomoki Kameda

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Re: Rey Vargas vs Tomoki Kameda


--- Seems the folks in Carson, Cali have spoken quite vocally to no avail as Vargas wins 117-111 over Kameda.


Thanks to the increasingly sorry stream of DAZN after steady improvement in the Canelo and Josh fights, I had to source other sites for the official results. Thus I couldn't score the fight, but nobody cheered the giant Vargas with anything but ferocious BOOS, but cheered Kameda throughout. The diminutive Kameda bulled Vargas the whole night, hurt him, and arguably robbed of a KD. Btw, Kameda the youngest of the famed Kameda bros moved to Mexico and quite popular there and speaks perfect Spanish.

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Re: Rey Vargas vs Tomoki Kameda


15-112 for me.




Scored it the exact same way. And even Tomoki said after the fight that Vargas deserved the win.


With Vargas' height and reach, and his ability to circle out of trouble in either direction while sticking a jab in his opponents face, it makes it difficult to get on the inside. And when an opponent finally gets on the inside, Rey digs to the body with either hand, and ties up the opposing fighter. Very effective skillset.

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