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Charlo and Adams make weight

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--- Sit thyself self down to still your beating hearts before reading this.


Yessss, one of the Charly boyz is fighting Brandon Adams in Houston!


And they made weight! Houston in hog heaven about now waiting for the other shoe to KABOOM!



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Re: Charlo and Adams make weight


The best part of the weigh-in show was indeed the main event with little brother shouting in the background over and over again "he's too small" lol, I know a lot of people don't like Jermell much but he's definetly my favourite of the two, I think he's hilarious.


So, the new world champion ahead of his first defence of the title stepped on the scales and didn't even look down once to check himself so you know he made the weight well, I don't know anything about Adams, apparently he won a tournament, since I didn't watch it I'm unsure as to whether or not he is the mandatory challenger (sort of like a prize for winning the tourney) but based on the size difference alone he's probably in for a difficult night.

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